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Thinking about other people s sisters, suppressing potential rivals, opening up the brother in law , and accidentally went to the trap of his own sister.At this moment, Zhu Di finally realized Xu Zengshou s mood he must have been deceived by that stinky man What s so good about Wang Ning It s not just that he looks better, has better martial arts, has more military exploits, is a little braver than the average person, and has a good character It seems that his character is okay.

Loyalty and filial piety, unfilial piety means disloyalty, regardless of whether it is a minister or a military general, once it is determined that the filial period is prostitution, the official career will be basically cut off, and even the entire family will be shamed.Of course Chang Mao refused to admit the account, and said to Zhu Di His Royal Highness King Yan, my father just passed away, I swear to pacify Beiyuan and avenge my father s can i take my cbd gummies on an airplane Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon anger, how could such a scandal be done, that woman must be trapped by me I ve never done it It s a big deal to confront that woman Chang Mao s appearance and temperament are similar to that of his father Chang Yuchun Zhu Di also felt that Chang Mao couldn t do such a thing even if he did, he would be silenced and cleaned up.

It s just that she has been an old man who has served me since childhood.She is weak and can t help but beat her.Servant.It will harm the reputation of the four holistic health cbd gummies joe rogan of you girls.Look at this, she is my escort after all, so let me handle it.Xu Miaoqing nodded, Our sisters are just presiding over the central feeder on behalf of the elder sister in law.Of course, in the end, you have can you sell cbd gummies to dispensaries to listen to my sister in law.Mrs.Chen said to the companion room, I gave you half a year of silver rice and took the job of Zhanyuan.

Xu Miaoyi said angrily, It was someone from Daming who looked for it, I m afraid it would be like this.Xiao Ba carried her through the limestone cave, It s King Yan.Pu Buhua, this idiot, made such a big noise in Jiushan, attracting all these ruthless characters, damn ah With a muffled sound, there was a sharp pain in the back of the head, and Libala who bought it suddenly lost consciousness.Inertia staggered two steps, knelt down, and fell down.With a long dormant blow, Xu Miaoyi threw down the blood stained stone at the moment Xiaoba fell to the ground, and jumped down from his back nimbly, how could he look half dead before half a minute Xiaoba was knocked unconscious by Xu Miaoyi, and she still felt uneasy, so she bound Xiaoba s hands and feet, so that she had some sense of security.

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I don t understand the rest, and the pharmacy industry should be proficient.Zhu Di said, Okay.Simply great I finally have an excuse to come to you often Zhu Di secretly said Fifth brother, I m sorry, my brother is going to use you as a cover., Chapter 81 The elder brother Xu Miaoyi inspected the corpses fished out from the bottom of the lake, no doubt he was guarding himself.In the past, the token of Guo Yangtian, the elder Dali of the balance cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon Ming sect and the deputy commander of the military commander, has not been corroded, and the evidence is conclusive.

Nowadays, most of the generals of the Xungui family grew up in brocade clothes and jade food, but they were all like people who came out of a scholarly family, but they were rarely as strong and passionate as Xu Feng.Walking through corridors after corridors, through gates and walls, bright yellow glazed tiles, tall walls and courtyards, Tenglong decorations can be seen everywhere, as if you will never be Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon able to reach Kunning Palace.At that time, Yao Miaoyi did not know that she would become the mistress of this palace in the future.

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For safety, it is impossible to come into contact with the eldest son who is suffering from acne.The Crown Princess was anxious, worried day and night, and worried about her heart.In this month, many diseases have fallen.My sister, Chang Jin, often speaks out to explain things, but to little effect.Although Prince Zhu Biao prefers his eldest son Zhu Yunwen, he still values this eldest son of the Eastern Palace.The sister in law Chang Jin found out the nanny s careful thinking of crossing the sea and sent it to him.

It s a small idea, please accept it.Yao Miaoyi raised her eyebrows, Oh, it s you.I m right, only the wounded soldiers who can cry can survive, not bad.Don t be in a hurry to thank me, this little soldier was also the bone that I received at the beginning, but the crack began to rot, and it was only possible to save his life if he cut it off.The wounded soldier s face turned pale, Is this true Your medical skills are unreliable.Could it be that Jianghu Langzhong came to the military camp to make up for it Yao Miaoyi was not annoyed, nor did she bother to argue, and washed the blood from her hands in the copper basin.

Miaoyi is the main force, and the assassination of the son of Beiyuan is supplemented.Hu Zong insisted We have dispatched the elites of the Ming sect in this operation, and the odds are very good.What s more, Cheng Enbo is in the Ming Dynasty and we are in the dark, and his bodyguards are not enough.Out of fear, the subordinates thought that rescue and assassination could go hand in hand, killing two birds with one stone.Daoyan said It is impossible to underestimate the enemy, the fox trail is not easy, but he endured humiliation and surrendered to Daming.

Wei Guogong is both a father and a mother.It s natural to pamper and pamper your daughter.Empress Ma s remarks made Emperor Hongwu quite reasonable, yes, it is not easy for Wei Guogong to be a father, so he said, Forget it, I don t care about him.The precious chrysanthemums are blooming, the maple leaves are like fire, and the sound of children laughing in the maple leaf forest can be heard.The Empress stopped, and Huang Yan, who was serving, said, It s the grandsons of the East Palace playing in the forest.

One side is the confidant, and the other is the sister in law.The former is obviously unreasonable, but Chen Shi felt that Xu Miaoyi insisted on Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon playing the board and refused to pay a fine to replace it, so she called her sister in law specifically.Chen s heart is getting heavier and heavier No wonder they all say that little aunt is difficult to deal with In the past, the three why are cbd gummies so high in calories little aunts were sensible and obedient, and felt that they were exaggerating.Now there is Xu Miaoyi, like a drop of ink in the fish tank, it is all dyed black, even Miaoqing is standing by her side, don t give me this sister in law face Chen shi was determined to protect the companion room and said Second sister, this is her fault.

Jin Yiwei is lacking such a scheming woman as a spy.Beauty can also be an invincible weapon, or they always say that heroes are saddened by the beauty pass At the southern foot of Jiushan, Mao Xiang decided to recruit Mingyue into Jinyiwei.At the northern foot of Jiushan Mountain, Li Baci and Xu Miaoyi were trapped in the cave.It seems that the victory and defeat are already divided outside, the victor is clearing the stones blocked at the entrance of the cave, and the two are about to see the sun again.

Zhu Di took off the straw from Yao Miaoyi s bun, Let s go.Not only Ma Sanbao, but Yao Miaoyi was stunned.Except for the fifth brother Zhu Chi, Zhu Di has never seen anyone.Yao Miaoyi was flattered, and thanked him repeatedly, Thank you Fourth Highness for your help, it was me who was reckless and ignorant and went to Jiming Mountain to collect medicine, causing trouble for the fourth master.I don t know where Commander Guo is Anyway, it s almost dawn, why don t I be here Wait here, wait for Mao Xiang Mao Qianhu to come and lead people.

Xu Da said Mrs.Zhou, Zhou Kui has been helping me with various military affairs during his lifetime, and is my most trusted guest on the screen.I have always treated your Zhou family very well.After the emperor ascended the throne, I recommended Zhou Kui to go to the official.You are a high ranking official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you also came forward to help your eldest son to obtain the status of a student in the Imperial College.Madam Zhou, after Zhou Kui left, I took care of the Zhou family in various ways.

Soon there was the sound of taking out the key and unlocking the lock.The two schoolboys helped Zhou Kui, who smelled of alcohol, into the study.Zhou Kui, who was wearing a sapphire blue lake satin uniform, waved his hand, It s too late, don t disturb Madam, I ll do it tonight.Rest in the study.Yes, my lord.One book boy washed Zhou Kui s face and feet with hot water, the other served with sobering soup, Zhou Kui drank half a cup, then frowned and put it down, It s too hard lyft cbd gummies prices to lose the sourness.

The eunuchs at Huangzhuang are easy to bribe if the big deal is done, they will be silenced.I thought that the barbarian girl s second brother Cheng enbo Wang Jingang betrayed the Ming Dynasty and betrayed his righteousness.The emperor s anger against the barbarian girl would abolish the status of Qin Wangfei and confiscated the barbarian girl as an official slave.But the emperor and the queen seem to be against the barbarian girl of Beiyuan.It s not bad, I really treat her as a daughter in law.

Xiaoqi said Sir, will it be possible Did they leave the mark Mao Xiang wiped the bird shaped pattern with his fingers, leaving a thin layer of floating powder on his fingertips, and said, The pattern is very new, it should have been painted recently, spread out and look for Similar pattern.Yes.Mao Xiang followed the pattern and searched all the way, and when he arrived at a shoal of a dark river, he saw a graceful figure lying on the rock.Ghost, ghost his subordinates exclaimed.

Yao Miaoyi murmured Everyone from my grandfather s family hanged themselves in the ancestral hall, wearing white clothes with a word of grievance written on their chests.Later, the assassins chased after me, and my mother broke her lumbar spine in order to protect me, making it difficult for me to move., lift the hairpin to commit suicide.I still have nightmares, dreaming of the scene at that time.The source of everything came from my grandfather s betrayal of Emperor Hongwu and turned to Zhang Shicheng.

Chang Yuchun has many old troops in court.Empress Ma said, Since they are all opposed to Doctor Yao s actions, then tell them whoever wants to replace Dr.Yao will let him in.When the empress s oral order came out, there was immediate silence, and no one dared to stand out.At this time, Huang Yan hurriedly ran in and said, Empress Empress, Doctor Yao actually put the Crown Princess in the bathtub to give birth The air in the bathroom was much fresher, and there was a branch of red plum, which exuded a faint fragrance.

So far.This is a phrase that used the casino s small gambling pleasure and big gambling to hurt one s health.It seems that this failed son has not been in the casino less, and Xu Da glared at Xu Zengshou again.Xu Zengshou was thick skinned and pretended to be invisible, hugging the heavy sword tightly and refusing to give it to Xu Miaoyi.Xu Miaoyi did not force it she picked up the double knives on the weapon rack Cut towards my father Alas, if only sons and daughters were swapped.

Going back on my promises.How can I endure this I will endure it again and again, and they will push me again and again, and finally force me to rebel, it is not impossible.Xu Zengshou was startled by the girl s remarks, hesitated for a moment, and said I thought you would say that you will never marry for the rest of your life, and that you will become a sister in law in the future, or that no matter your ancestry or background, you would like to have a sincere person, and the white head will never be separated.

Besides, Xu Zengshou and Chang Sen were also spoiled and grew up.They never dealt with the willful and unruly Deng Ming since they were young, and they almost pinch when they meet.Deng Ming satirized Xu Zengshou for recognizing his younger sister.Chang Sen helped and said, Miss Deng, this is the royal palace, not the backyard of your Duke Wei s mansion.It doesn t matter if you pierce the sky in your own house, but it s not right to be wild in the palace.Deng Ming was not convinced.

If there is a big trouble, why go to Yanwang s clan s mansion to file a complaint The clan s mansion is in charge of the affairs of the royal family, lunchbox cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon and it is the most hidden yamen.If you want to make a big trouble, go to the Yingtianfu yamen, or go to the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Punishment, or simply Just go to the Censor Desk, which hates Xungui the most and picks up troubles all day long.The Liba Thorn who bought it patted Zhu Shouqian on the shoulder, You are really my confidant These Beiyuan concubines were taken advantage of.

pedigree.This honor shows Chang Yuchun s unique position in Zhu Yuanzhang s heart.However, after Chang Yuchun s overall victory in the Northern Expedition, he was fatally shot and fell ill, and Liu Hechuan died of illness.He died suddenly at the most glorious time of his life, at the age of forty Chang Yuchun was the youngest among the ten great founding heroes of the Ming Dynasty, but he was the first to die.Heaven is jealous of talents Emperor Hongwu was grief stricken.He had always been diligent, and even the lights in the imperial study stayed on all night, but this time he stopped the court for three days and held a grand state funeral for Chang Yuchun.

Butt, said Hold on for a while, the rescue will be here soon It s easy to say, you get out of the way to block the gun Xu Zengshou wanted to cry without tears.Chang Sen said, I have a seed, but you haven t seen it in the bathhouse in Suzhou.You fight for a while, and I ll replace you as a shield later., to clear the siege for these two, a dozen people gathered together and slowly squeezed towards the courtyard gate.At this moment, Li Bala, who was bought, was covered in blood and mixed with Luan Hachiro.

Later, he won Chang Yuchun s appreciation, went to the battlefield, fought bravely to kill the enemy, and even took a shit luck to capture an important general of the Yuan army.After the Northern Expedition Army broke Dadu City, the two marshals split into two groups, chasing the fleeing Yuan Dynasty emperor and the Yuan army.I was assigned to Marshal Xu Da s team, Wang Ning still followed Marshal Chang and the others.I heard that it was also a war.Victory, the class teacher should return to the court soon, sister Shanwei will wait.

Not to mention a little girl, even an adult man is so obsessed that he can t wake up for a day without medicine.It can be solved, until you wake up.There is resentment for resentment, and there is revenge for revenge.Mingyue is born with clear love and hate.She is not sure that this little girl has a relationship with her benefactor, but as long as there is a little connection, she will not give up easily.Mingyue said This little girl has an eye for me, so stay with me.The old man shook his head repeatedly No, these four little rabbits are not too young, and they are very charming, so they are easy to be found.

I doubted your identity at the time.After I plan [Online Store] Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon to rescue you, I will send you to General Xu s mansion to reunite with your family.Zhu Yuanzhang s most important general, Xu Da, is for the overall situation.Xu Miaoyi looked at Daoyan in disbelief, No, this is not true, how can you You later accepted me as your righteous daughter and did not send me back.Ah Chan Master Daoyan said lightly After you woke up, you said you didn t remember who you were.I changed my plan at that time and decided to go fishing for big fish on a long line, and I would tune teach you into my own effective subordinate.

bother.In addition to the hated Liba thorns that he bought, the diligence and modesty of King Yan Zhu Di also made Xu Da deeply uneasy.As a father, he instinctively felt that Zhu Di s eyes were not right when he looked at his precious daughter.For example, now, when her daughter is training in a carriage, Zhu Di followed behind on a horse, and the thick slats of the carriage separated Qiuyang from the outside, and Xu Da felt that Zhu Di s eyes seemed to have iron hooks, so he pulled away the slats of the carriage, He looked directly at his daughter s face david suzuki cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon rudely.

The other fourteen princesses and twenty four princes were all from the concubines.The concubines and concubines have different origins.In addition to the Han people, there are also Koreans, Semu people, Mongolian nobles, and even the concubines of rivals Chen Youliang and Zhang Shicheng.Therefore, it is not surprising that Zhu Di s biological mother, Concubine Shuo, was a Korean.There were many Korean women who were concubines in the Central Plains.Even the Empress Dowager Canyuan, who retired to Shaanxi and Lin, was also Korean, and her son was Emperor Yuanshun.

Yao Miaoyi smiled and spread out her left hand, which was empty, and grabbed the back of Xiu er s neck, I see clearly, that s it.She spread her hand out again, and there was a grape in her palm.Song Xiuer clapped her hands, and asked for advice humbly.When the bath water was slightly cold, she had already mastered the trick.Yao Miaoyi demonstrated it again, The key is to be fast in your hands, stable in your heart, and practice a lot.Practice makes perfect.Song Xiuer sighed, Miss is really amazing.

Quan Buhua sneered Our purpose is to kill the prince.If they successfully complete the task, it doesn t matter if they mention their heads or not.But Jiushan Cave is intricate and complicated., is dr oz promoting cbd gummies they don t have a map, it s like looking for ants with their eyes open and blind, I m afraid they will starve to death and get no results.What does your father in law mean The people from Daming are looking for the prince everywhere, we don t have time to search.Quan Bu Hua Hehe smiled and said Break up all the cave entrances, so that the prince can t escape without a map, and can only be trapped inside.

The prince, and also a group of concubines of Emperor Xuanguang, in terms of seniority, the Liba Thorn who bought them should call these women concubines.Here s something big Zhu Di s expression was solemn, Who did it Liba Thorn said, The Duke of Zheng, Changmao The eldest son of the late King of Kaiping, Chang Yuchun, and the elder brother of the Crown Princess., Chapter 86 Fanning the flames After Cao Guogong Li Wenzhong captured these Beiyuan concubines to Jinling, they were confined in Pingcang Alley.

There were four major singing tunes at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, namely the Kunshan tune, the Haiyan tune, and the Yuyao tune.And Yiyang cavity.Hearing this sentence, Boss Zhang suddenly seemed to have found a bosom friend, and his attitude was not so positive, You are very good, we Suzhou people are used to listening to Kunshan tune, and can t appreciate Yiyang tune, just like eating light.You can t swallow the greasy mutton and steamed buns in the same tea soup.

The middle aged woman interrupted If you are more verbose, I will send it to the prison for retrial.The jailer will not be as polite as me.Yao Miaoyi untied the belt under her arm, when there was a knock on the door, and the The eunuch s voice, Let Yao Miaoyi out.The middle aged woman seemed very unhappy, her thin eyebrows were twisted.But even so, she still let Yao Miaoyi go.Yao Miaoyi was led out by the eunuch personally.At the back door of the restaurant, a bald monk and a young man looked at her with a smile.

Suzaku Street, Tianxiang Pavilion.This rouge, and this purple jasmine powder are all wrapped up, I want them all, Mingyue said.Today, cbd gummies how many mg the two gold owners of Huafang suddenly left in a hurry, and she no longer needs to serve them.It is rare to steal a half day leisure time, and go shopping with the maid to relax, passing by the Tianxiang Pavilion opened by Song Xiuer.There is always one less piece of clothing in a woman s wardrobe, and one box of rouge gouache is always missing in the makeup box.

It was better not to tell his old lover Zhu Chi, and said, Isn t she always so pitiful, miserable, and sympathetic Whether she is happy or sad, what does she have to do with you Relationship Thank you for remembering that she is your second sister in law.Xu Miaoyi s words seemed mean, but in fact they cut the mess with a quick knife, interrupting Zhu Chi s unrealistic fantasy.Zhu Chi felt a pain in her heart and said, This time she came back from Bafutang Lake Xinxiaozhu, she is different from before, her brows are much more free and lunchbox cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon easy, I thought ah.

I have lived at this age and have experienced so many things, but in fact, like you, I am at a loss and cannot predict what will happen in the future.Xu Miaoyi was a little stunned, But I think you seem to be able to let go of everything, and you are always the same.If you have a solid heart, nothing will trouble you.Indeed, in Mingjiao, Master Daoyan seems to have more prestige than Yao Jitong, the young king of Ming Dynasty.Zen Master Daoyan pointed to his old face and said, In fact, people live a lifetime, and what they cultivate is actually just a few skins.

The honor of Prince Zhu Di, but he did not use his identity to oppress others.His words were reasonable, and Mao Xiang was convinced and did not mention the pursuit.There are many cave entrances in Jiushan, so Zhu Di and Mao Xiang acted separately.Mao Xiang came to a hole that had just been cleaned, and the smell of corpses was faintly smelled inside.Jin Yiwei carried out the smashed and bloody corpses.Looking at these terrifying corpses, the first thing Mao Xiang thought of was Xu Miaoyi The eldest lady of the Xu family is very skilled in medicine.

After the two things discussed tonight are done, if you If you remember the past., then leave the Ming sect and go back to be the eldest lady of the imperial government.Yao Jitong is the king of Xiao Ming, the leader of the Ming sect, and his words are counted.Yao Miaoyi hurriedly expressed her loyalty, Dark crow is loyal to the Ming religion and has no other intentions.I beg Xiao Ming King not to drive his subordinates away.Yao Jitong smiled bitterly Now that the situation has passed, the Zhu Ming Dynasty is as strong as a rock, and the day when the world will surrender is not far away.

A horsewhip fell on the snow, and the two young bodies got closer and closer, finally Melting into one, the hot love seems to melt the ice and snow In the study, the second brother Xu Zengshou happily took out a box of ghee bubble snails, I heard that people s memories will change, but the taste rarely changes, your favorite food when you were young Here, come and try it with a snail, do you still remember my second brother When he was a child, Xu Zengshou was a skin monkey and liked to roll in the mud, so he and Chang Sen figured out a way to go wild, and now he has grown up to look like a handsome boy However, he is full of food all day long, has nothing to do, and is accustomed to play a little cleverness, and has no interest in Wen Tao and martial arts.

I actually understand this short lived cbd bolt gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon trivial matter in my heart.Xu Zengshou was also rarely praised, and he touched his nose shyly, Hehe, I am a wise man, and a real person doesn t show his appearance.Xu Miaoxi also covered her mouth and smiled and said, Second brother is too bad.After boasting, since you have an account in your heart, tell Daddy and Big Brother this.Our Xu family is a general and a husband s family, so we are more open minded and tolerant.This time, it doesn t matter who is right or wrong, a man and a man, let s admit the mistake and bring the sister in law back.

He only returned home after half a month.After a long absence, he was newly married.The wife of the prince, Mrs.Chen, was busy serving Xu Zuhui for dinner.After the silent meal, Mrs.Chen and her husband talked about the various family affairs in the family recently.Chen was the eldest daughter of a scholarly family.She was raised as a clan woman since she was a child.In accordance with the rules of etiquette and exchanges, the communication and entertainment of the wealthy family was very relaxed and orderly.

Mingyue was not angry when someone called her out of identity, but instead She smiled at Ji Gang, This soldier has taken care of my business at Cuiyan Tower Forgive Mingyue s clumsy eyes and didn t recognize the identity of the soldier.Seeing the beautiful woman smiling at him, Ji Gang s soul was about to fly, and he said, When I was a poor soldier, I had the money to do business with the lady of the Hua Kui.I have heard for a long time that Miss Mingyue is famous and has no money to cbd gummies made me sick meet.

After running over two hillsides and dismounting in a woodland, the cavalry took Yao Miaoyi and the medicine box down, pointed at the wounded on the ground and said, Save him The wounded man s throat was shot through by an arrow, and he lay on the ground twitching , actually survived until now.Yao Miaoyi quickly judged the condition of the wounded soldier, shook her head and said, He is not as good as death now, so you should give him a knife.I am not interested in saving a mortal person, and there are still many lives on the battlefield that I need to save.

Xu Miaoyi slowly raised her head and looked directly at Zhu Di for the first time in several months.Zhu Di smiled, Miaoyi, you are finally willing to forgive me.Xu Miaoyi held the dagger tightly and said, I love you.Zhu Di smiled, lightly Caressing her cheek, I know.Xu Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon Miaoyi said again, I love you.Zhu Di said, I love you too.Xu Miaoyi said again, I love you.After speaking, without waiting for Zhu Di to answer, Xu Miaoyi stabbed it with a knife, but the hilt was completely lost.

, and sometimes When Song Xiuer said that Cao Cao had arrived, before Song Xiuer finished speaking, the car and horse hired by Yao Miaoyi stopped at the door.Song Xiuer lunchbox cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon hurriedly ran out to help Yao Miaoyi get off the car, while Ah Fu brought a few packets of dim sum, tea and fruit in the car to the store.Yao Miaoyi divided the delicate snacks in the package among the three shopkeepers, and smiled I went to Tianjie Temple to visit my foster father and righteous brother, and it happened that I was rewarded with the desserts made in the palace, and my foster father gave his Give me all that share, come, you can also taste what the nobles in the palace eat.

This is what the big sister in law did wrong.What kind of person is the big sister The Lantern Festival city wall dared to risk the great danger to turn back and rescue our sisters.Brave.How could such a character marry into a hypocrite family like the Lu family It s humiliating her character Our sisters marriages are in the hands of my father, brother and sister in law.I hope the sister in law will pass this matter.Please teach us a lesson, don t mess with our sisters.My aunt secretly told me that the eldest sister is still the first in law, and the eldest sister in law dares to introduce this kind of family.

If the arrows were still there and pierced their hearts, they would both die here, becoming a pair of dead mandarin ducks Zhu Chi looked at the broken arrow in the snow and knew that the fourth brother had a trace of affection.Deng Ming s back hurt and tears came out.She picked up the broken arrow and was about to rush to the rockery to find Zhu Di to settle the account, but Zhu Chi grabbed her and whispered, It s not suitable to stay here for a long time, let s go quickly.Deng Ming glared angrily, I have never dared to treat me like Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon this, you coward, you are actually afraid of Zhu Di, you are the elder brother, he is the younger brother, and the younger brother dares to shoot the elder brother with a bow and arrow, it is absurd Zhu Chi blushed and said The fourth brother has a deep mind and good martial arts.

Mao Xiang admired him for being a man, and reminded him Once you draw a consignment, you can t revise your confession.Rebellion is a heinous crime of plundering a family and annihilating a family.The gold medal for forgiveness given by the emperor will not work.Lan Yu picked up the pen and wrote at the end of the file.under your own name, I, Lan Yu, took my brother in law Chang Yuchun as an example all my life.I defended my family and defended the country.I was loyal to Ming and the emperor.

Jinling is the capital, the place is large, and there are many people.Now the emperor is still calling The wealthy businessmen and craftsmen all over the world have moved their families to Jinling, and all kinds of lively things can t be heard.What is a murder case, so the nobles don t know these things.The speaker is unintentional, and the listener is intentional.The Xie family is Zhu Shouqian s grandfather s family.Now that such bizarre things have happened, Zhu Shouqian can t sit still and wants to invite his cousin Xu Miaoyi to visit Shaoxing together.

There is no one in the Zhang family to rescue the county master.Everyone is dead, so there is nothing to worry about.Seeing Xu Miaoyi s slight anger, Zhu Di was afraid that she would hate him, so he quickly made an excuse and said, This time I am looking for you to be with me.It s not for the matter of the Yong an County Master, but Do you still remember the last winter when the Jimingshan Heavenly Prison was bombed and collapsed by the demon sect against the party How did you get here Xu Miaoyi was stunned for a moment and said, Of course I remember that Mrs.

Chang Jin hurried over and said, Sister, why did you come out Now the catkins are starting to float in the imperial garden.If you smell this, you will have asthma.When she was young, the princess used to learn martial arts from her father, Chang Yuchun.She was in good health.She did not have this disease at first.She had difficulty breathing when she smelled catkins.Pan asthma was caused by an accidental miscarriage.So every year at the turn of spring and summer, when the catkins are flying, the crown princess basically stays out of the house to avoid getting sick.

, Chapter 13 Who, like Mu Chang Yuchun and Wei Guogong Xu Da, are both Zhu Yuanzhang s Fengyang fellows, and he followed him when he was a teenager.In order to never fail, he is a veritable victorious general.This is really rare.It must be known that even Xu Da, who has the highest lunchbox cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon merit, has been defeated.He is Zhu Yuanzhang s most respected and famous general.For this reason, he became a family of sons and daughters.For the prince Zhu Biao, he married Chang Yuchun s eldest daughter, Chang s wife, as his concubine.

I hope Dr.Yao doesn t care how long to feel effects of cbd gummies about the vulgarity of our military affairs.Courtesy.Yao Miaoyi smiled nonchalantly, Listen to Maoxiang Mao Qianhu said that Mr.Guo used to be a member of the Demon Sect He was not a soldier.Damn Maoxiang Make a fuss about my origin again Guo Yangtian secretly hated, but did not dare to show his intentions, and said I used to be young, went astray, and was blinded by the demon sect.I thought why King Ming was born, saving all sentient beings , and doing things with King Ming, the common people can live a good life in the future.

Now let s ask the first question Park doesn t waste huuman cbd gummies reviews his life, as long as he can save his life, he best cbd gummies for arthritis in seniors will do anything.After the interrogation of the masked man, he ordered people to stop the bleeding and heal Park Buhua.He walked to the cubicle and took off his mask, revealing his head as smooth as a marinated egg.It was Zen Master Daoyan.Daoyan said Sect Master, Hu Zong, you have also heard Park Buhua s confession.King King Kong of Cheng en is dead.Prince Beiyuan was hunted down.

[2022-04-11] Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon smokiez cbd gummies, 400 mg cbd gummies (What Are CBD Gummies) Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon can i take cbd gummies on airplane Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon.

Queen Ma is washing her hands and making soup in the imperial kitchen.She and Emperor Hongwu are married couples, both from grassroots, sharing weal and woe, and being rich and noble.She is soft on the outside, tough on the inside, kind and gentle, and tolerant towards others.Since the death of the famous general Chang Yuchun, the political situation has been worried about internal problems, and Emperor Hongwu has been depressed and does not think about tea and dinner.Queen Ma often cooks by herself, making dishes that her husband likes to eat, and frequently brings them over to persuade them to eat.

Xu Miaoxi was annoyed, If you don t go, do you want my father in law to pick up his daughter in law Second brother, hurry up Go to the military camp to find eldest brother, tie eldest brother to Chen s house, bring eldest sister in law back, and quickly quell this disturbance.Xu Zengshou then got up unhurriedly and sighed, I don t have a wife, so I don t understand.These housework chores, but other people s husbands and wives quarrel, they go back to their parents house if they don t hear about it, and they spread the matter everywhere Besides, this matter is related to the reputation of the eldest sister, and the eldest sister in law will leave if she wants to leave, which is too unreasonable.

, what else Zhu Chi felt that Xu Miaoyi s eyes were in a panic, and he hurriedly turned his eyes away, not daring to meet her, When you were in the military camp, you had the nickname of Butcher Yao, and you were so vicious that even I was afraid.You.If you want to be my fourth sister in law, you must change your violent temper and don t bully my fourth brother.Xu Miaoyi slapped her horse to bully her body, leaned over to Zhu Chi and said, I married Zhu Di, not you, why are you talking so much Don t bully my fourth brother Just a joke, your fourth brother likes me to bully him.

Bad girls are just looking for the real culprit for self protection.And at the end of the day, she thought that the list of five people was not her whimsical words.Indeed, ten years ago and ten years later, they have the strength to create, Cover up Xie Zaixing s case.If the real culprit is really one of them, and if they are allowed to stay in the court, it will definitely cause a catastrophe in the future, which will be detrimental to the Ming Dynasty.Zhu Yuanzhang stared at Mao Xiang and said, You also suspect my civil servants and military generals cbd gummies at whole foods cbd oil vs cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon buy 10mg cbd gummies cbd gummies jar Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon delta 8 cbd gummy bears Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon side effects of delta 8 cbd gummies pain relief cbd gummies mingo rad cbd gummies review Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon premium jane cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon cbd genesis delta 8 gummies Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon lyft cbd gummie review 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Mingyue felt that the pattern and smell of the sachet were very familiar, so she picked it up and looked closely Strange, how did you save her tonight The sachet on the waist of the benefactor of water and fire is exactly the same Could this little girl be the benefactor s family It s a pity that the little girl was unconscious at this time, so she couldn t ask for the history.Mingyue took some refreshing medicinal powder and blew it into the little girl s nostrils, patted her little face with cold water, and poured the antidote into her mouth, Hey, wake up Wake up Tell my sister, who are you The old bustard smiled sarcastically, Don t cry, this medicine is a centuries old secret recipe, sometimes used to play fairy dance, it s called fairy drunk.

For the consideration of political interests, Beiyuan will not abuse a noble woman, and Xu Miaoyi has no worries about her life.But Wang Yinnu, the lord of Beiyuan County, is valuable enough.Although Wang Baobao s sister, although she is the lord of the county, is actually more politically valuable than Princess Beiyuan, what is the result Thinking of this, Zhu Di s eyes narrowed, and he personally led the troops to the front line for defense.Wang Baobao was unable to attack for a long time and was deeply troubled.

With my little skill, I am not qualified to diagnose and treat the first army commander.When the stars fall, who can change their fate against the sky Don t think too much about it.Now, study hard in the main hall.Wang Ning looked sad and angry, Miaoyi, do you really believe that King Kaiping died from an arrow Yao Miaoyi was stunned, Isn t it Wang Ning s His temperament changed suddenly, and he was instantly surrounded by a hostile aura, which was sharp and sharp, as if it was accidentally released after being suppressed for a long time, I suspect that King Kaiping died of murder, but I have no evidence and no right to intervene.

Wang Yinnu s younger brother in law, Zhu Chi, almost dragged the people from the Baihetang pharmacy to die together.Wang Yinnu s second brother Wang Jingang kidnapped Xu Miaoyi as a hostage and almost lost his life in Jiushan, Fengyang.Wang Yinnu s eldest brother, Wang Baobao, simply ambush and killed Yao Jitong.Xu Miaoyi and the three brothers and sisters of the Wang family can be said to be blood feuds, but in the future she will also be a concubine with Wang Yinu Thinking of this, Xu Miaoyi became even more depressed and said coldly, Princess Qin, you are sneaking in there to eavesdrop, thinking about it.

Isn t it just a day Your sister in law is too squeamish.It doesn t matter, the Wenchen family loves face, you two brothers.If you still refuse to come back, then let your sister in law stay at her parents house for a while and then come back.The Double Ninth Festival will soon be here.I just cbd gummy party pack ordered my wife to go to the palace to congratulate me, and there must be a mistress at home.She will naturally come back after taking care of rituals and gifts and other common things.Xu Zengshou asked, What if you still refuse to come back during the Double Ninth Festival He was trained by the heirs of the descendants, and Wen Tao was proficient in all aspects of martial arts and said The important affairs of the state are in the sacrificial and the military.

He immediately stood up and patted the table and said, Chang Sen is right, today I, Zhu Shouqian, and my long lost eldest sister are reunited.How can I do without wine and no feast Fresh venison is the 50mg cbd gummy fish best., eldest sister, there also happens to be a royal hunting ground here, so let s go hunting at least.Zhu Shouqian wanted to pinch this unreliable second cousin to death, and reminded Wei Guogong and Yan Wang have already said, green roads relief broad spectrum cbd gummies take good care of Yao girl, take precautions Assassins attacked again.

Mao Xiang nodded, You have done a good job.As a spy of Jinyiwei, the most taboo is to owe favors, and you will easily shake your heart in the future.Mingyue said The grievances will be settled when they should be settled.When it came to Mao Xiang s heart, he had a good impression of Song Xiu er, and even thought of asking for marriage, and secretly bought her favorite jewelry, but Song Xiu er was too partial to Xu Miaoyi, and Mao Xiang was only loyal to Emperor Hongwu all his life.

However, just when Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang were fighting, news came that the general Xie Zaixing had joined Zhang Shicheng.Miss now understands.Zhou Kui smiled and said, More than 30 members of the Xie family committed suicide and wrote the word injustice on their clothes.But your grandfather s death was not wrong.He has been doing personal affairs with Zhang Shicheng.The salt trade brings in hundreds of thousands of taels of silver every year.Later, I simply joined Zhang Shicheng, and persuaded me to sarah blessing cbd fruit gummies betray General Xu and the then lord together.

It s even more impossible for your father and emperor, not to mention that tiger poison does not eat children.Hua hesitated and took out your father s warrant, and then can cbd gummies make your stomach hurt you know the truth.I guess the person your father sent to respond was intercepted by Park Buhua halfway, and the person who responded either died or lost the warrant, so Wang Jingang insists on reading the warrant first, and Park Buhua will attack immediately.Xu Miaoyi s analysis was reasonable, and under the faint fluorescence, Liba Thorn s face softened a lot, but she snorted coldly, Even if As you can imagine, my situation is not much better.

Xiu er get out of the way Ah Fu and Yao Miaoyi shouted at the same time.clang A black figure rushed over and drew his sword to catch the knife, it was Mao Xiang.Mao Xiang and the assassin fought, and the situation reversed.This time it was one on one.The assassin saw that the three were not easy to mess with, so he was defeated, looked at each other, and began to withdraw his sword and run away.Mao Xiang gave a whistle, and a group of dark guards dressed as peddlers had arrived and surrounded the assassins.

She just ate some food and fell asleep.Please wait here, Miss Yao., Last night, the princess had a difficult childbirth.Queen Ma stayed in the East Palace all night.After returning to the palace, she felt exhausted and dizzy.The palace people hurriedly prepared a pair of soothing soup for Queen Ma and went to bed after serving.In fact, Yao Miaoyi didn t sleep all night.She was dirty and tired during the delivery, and she was still nervous.She was sitting in the warm spring palace.

The man didn t cry easily, Xu Da couldn t hold it any longer, the tears fell like autumn rain, but the autumn rain was cold and the tears were warm, melting Cbd Gummies Sold On Amazon the ten year gap between father and daughter. 142.It was an accident that Ouyang Qianhu was killed by a fire gun blowing up in his old business.Xu Miaoyi counted the mother killing enemies who died in her own hands, and it seemed that they died by accidents , so she still secretly visited Ouyang s house because of her suspicions.

Jump over.Zhu Di turned around and saw that the huge chasing troops were approaching, Wang Baobao s flag was clearly visible, and he said as he ran Miaoyi, my identity should have been guessed, Wang Baobao wants to capture me alive.You and I escape separately, there are still others.There is a silver lining.Xu Miaoyi said, Wang Baobao s target is you, but Xiaoba wants to rob me of being the concubine, you and I can t escape even if we are separated.Unexpectedly, Xiaoba had such a dark mind, Zhu Di was angry Said He is delusional Xu Miaoyi smiled and said, You and I are husband and wife, we have no regrets in this life.

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