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Drink a little to make up for it.Okay, thank you.Jiang Xiao Bei said with Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday a smile, stretched out his hand, and was ready to pick up Hu Mi er s soup.Brother Xiaobei, you are injured, and you have just finished surgery.It is not convenient for you to eat.Let me feed you.Hu Mi er said.It s okay, my right hand is not injured.Jiang Xiaobei shook his head and said.Still, let me feed you.Jiang Xiaobei wanted to drink it herself, but seeing Hu Mi er s stubborn eyes, she had no choice but to let Hu Mi er feed it.Next, Qi Xiaoshuang fed himself again.After eating, the two women didn t plan to leave either.They said they were worried about leaving him alone in the hospital, so they stayed in the hospital to accompany him.Where s my cell phone Jiang Xiaobei then remembered his cell phone, as if it had been taken by Qi Xiaoshuang before the operation, and immediately turned his eyes to Qi Xiaoshuang.

Footsteps, step by step, moved in the direction of Tang Tongyi.You, you, are you a human or a ghost Don t come here, don t come here Come on, what are you all doing Come on Tang Tongyi was so frightened that he turned towards his little brother, shouted loudly.When the younger brothers heard Tang Tongyi s shout, they all rushed towards Jiang Xiaobei It s just, unfortunately, the strength of these little brothers is too poor.Their do cbd gummies make you horny strength is nothing more drops cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday than that of ordinary people.However, in front of Jiang Xiaobei, who is in the foundation building stage, he is like a three year old child.It takes less than ten seconds.Clock time, these Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday little brothers, all fell to the ground Pain and wailing, crying tribe cbd gummies father and mother He picked up the clothes from the ground and threw them on the bed, Jiang Xiaobei said to Xu Bingbing.

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With his own strength, neither the Holy Church nor the Zhonghe Church would dare to attack his son Although, up to now, his power is not particularly large, and the confrontation with the Holy Church and the Zhonghe Church cannot be confronted head on, but it is already a force that cannot be underestimated.Of course, even if the power is not strong enough, it is absolutely impossible for Tang Bolin, a father, to remain indifferent after seeing his son being killed.The reason why there was no movement yesterday was because Jiang Xiaobei had been in the rescue stage, and he had to be guarded in the hospital.Now, Xiaobei s situation has improved, so he must go to the church in person and seek justice from the church Let sleepy bear gummies cbd Liu Sheng accompany you.Liu An thought about it and said.With Liu Sheng here, you can have an extra guarantee.

Good Jiang cbd gummies dosage for pain Xiaobei led you to nod.After getting up, he came to the restaurant on the first floor.The breakfast was served by Zhang Ye s mother.At this time, Zhang Ye s mother and Zhang Ye s girlfriend were already there.Sitting at the table.Auntie, good morning.Jiang Xiaobei said hello to Zhang Ye s mother.Last night, it was the first time he saw Zhang Ye is cbd oil gummies good for pain s mother.Xiao Bei, come here, sit down and have some breakfast.Zhang cbd gummies nicotine Ye s mother is a very kind old lady.She learned that Jiang Xiaobei and Zhang Ye have a very good relationship, so she has a good attitude towards Jiang Xiaobei.Xiaobei, look, these breakfasts, Are you used to eating If you are not used to it, how long will cbd gummies stay in your system Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday what do you like to eat Tell me, and I will get it for you now.No, no Jiang Xiaobei waved his hand and said.Auntie, I ll just eat these.

If that cbd gummies san francisco s the case, Jiang Xiaobei, let me ask you can cbd gummies cause a rash a question, don t mind it.Since you are a child in a rural area who doesn t even have a family, why would the Shen family in Nanchuan choose to let you As a door to door son in law Ning Sixuan was really curious, although the Shen family in Nanchuan City is not as good as those big families in the capital, it is also a relatively powerful family in Nanchuan City, and under normal circumstances, this kind of big family , If you are recruiting a son in law, you will always recruit some of the right family members.Even if you are not of the right family, you will recruit someone who is not too different.Why did you cbd gummy to ease anxiety find Jiang Xiaobei Jiang Xiaobei smiled and said.There are two reasons for this.First, it was because Shen Qingyu s health was not very good at that time.

Tang Tongyi s head suddenly tilted, and a lot of blood flowed from Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday the corner of his mouth again At this time, Tang Tong also felt the stars constantly appearing in front of him, and his face was in great pain.Tell me, why did Tang Tongpu want me to die Jiang Xiaobei asked angrily again.Another kick.I really don t know Tang Tongyi cried, it was so what is the thc in the cbd gummy painful that he wanted to die.Tang Tongpu just asked me to find Xu Bingbing to poison you to kill you, but he didn t tell me why he wanted to kill you, and I don t know the reason, Jiang Xiaobei, brother Jiang, I really don t know, I really don t know Jiang Xiaobei pulled out the knife that was still stuck in his thigh, pointed it at Tang Tongyi s throat, and said.Tell me I really don t know, I really don t know.Although I m Tang Tongpu s cousin, but, I m not the core child of the Tang family.

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Tang Xing looked at everyone and said.The audience exclaimed.A moment of sigh.Unexpectedly, the old man Shen died like this.Died so suddenly In the face of what kind of turmoil, he didn t die, but in the face of Shen Zheng s death, he couldn t cbd gummie bears hold it any longer.Died on the spot It can be said primary calm cbd gummies that he is a good father, gummy bear cbd recipe Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday at least, in front of Shen Zheng, he is indeed a good father.However, he was also a particularly bad father, in front of Shen Quan and in front of Shen Zhan.As a father, he is not competent at all, and it can even be said that he is extremely derelict Therefore, at this moment, he also paid enough price for his eccentricity The old man Shen was dead, and this scene was completely over.The guests leave.Shen Zhan also knelt in front of Shen Quan.Shen Zhan still doesn t want to die Even, Shen Zhan didn t have the courage at all.

He enjoys this feeling of being sought after, this feeling makes him get carried away and let him fly high.This way, I ll come first Li Youyou said.Aren t we washing our feet now Just let him, give it to all of us, and lick our feet clean When speaking, Li Youyou looked at Jiang Xiaobei with savage eyes, thinking of the three that Jiang Xiaobei had done last time.The man made her humiliate to the end, and let her fart in the company, and even more humiliated, so today, she is going to humiliate Jiang Xiaobei And me Deng Yuhong also cbd gummies for alzheimer looked at Jiang Xiaobei resentfully and said.I want to abolish Jiang Xiaobei s right to be a man Paralyzed, today, I will let him taste the where to buy delta 8 cbd gummies near me taste of being a eunuch Because he was abolished by Jiang Xiaobei as a man, even if he went out now Playing with women, Deng Yuhong can only stare, this feeling is really very uncomfortable, so today, he must take this opportunity to take revenge Then I have no choice Xue Mingcheng said.

If you want to kill, then kill To die, to david suzuki cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday die Even if you die, you can t be played with like this.Being killed by someone is more embarrassing than being killed on the battlefield Oh, are you going to go shopping with me Wu Ma smiled lightly, watching Jiang Xiaobei rush towards him in a frantic manner, Wu Ma smiled lightly, and immediately clenched his fists, and Jiang Xiao North collided A person s strength is not actually strong, but what is powerful is a person s explosive power Jiang Xiaobei became irritable by the feeling of others pinching his life.Therefore, under the rage, his explosive power was also thoroughly stimulated at this time.At this moment, the strength he showed must be Much stronger than real strength Even Wu Ma, after confronting Jiang Xiaobei with a few tricks, even with these few tricks, Jiang Xiaobei didn t get any good, even when he was scarred, Wu Ma finally started to face Jiang Xiaobei squarely That s right The smile on Wu Ma s face gradually faded away.

What s wrong Old man Tang saw that Tang Bolin s face became so ugly after he answered the phone, and he asked immediately.Tang Fenglin, I went to Zhonghe Hall today.Tang Bolin said coldly.Also, according to the internal information of Zhonghetang, there will be someone who will come to Huaxia with Tang Fenglin Tang Fenglin, he knew that Xiaobei belonged to Tang Yu, right Mr.Tang asked.I deliberately forged a fake paternity test certificate, but the doctor disappeared soon, I guess Tang Fenglin knew about it Tang Bolin said coldly.In that case, Xiaobei s danger will come soon said Old Man Tang.But don t worry, my old bones are still there.Twenty years ago, my grandson was lost.This time, no cbd gummies how to make Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday matter what, relax bears hemp derived cbd gummy I will not let him lose it When Old Man Tang said this, The voice suddenly increased several times, and the momentum on the body also suddenly changed Chapter 1009 Dead without a burial place are cbd gummies legal in sc Chapter 1009 Dead without a burial place Returning home, Jiang Xiaobei received a WeChat message on his mobile phone, it was sent by Wei Hai an, Wei Lao, this time TCM The list of some of the players in the peach cbd gummies competition, of course, not all of them.

Wei, and was about to say, if it is No matter what they say, they probably won t believe in themselves In Shen Zhan s heart, he also did not hope that what he said was true, but in his heart, there was a strong premonition that the little friend Wei Lao said was really possible.It was Jiang Xiaobei.Even, this kind of premonition is very, very strong, otherwise, he would not have stood up and stopped in such a hurry.Father, since that s the case, then walgreen cbd gummies I ll retire first.Shen Zhan bowed to his father, then turned and left.And in the process of his exit, the old lady Shen didn t even look at him, and was still talking to Shen Zheng on his own, completely treating Shen Zhan as air.And Shen Zhan, who walked out plus cbd mango gummies of the room, took out a cigarette, put it on a stone stool at the door of Mrs.Shen s room, lit the cigarette, and took a puff.

Tang Bolin, after coming to our church to do wild things, you want to cbd gummies for alcohol craving leave after patting your butt What else do you want Tang Bolin asked coldly.If this matter spreads out, Tang Bolin will lead people to run wild in our church and go back intact.In this way, in the future, any cat or dog will dare how long foes cbd gummies take to kick in to run into our church to make trouble.How will the authority and majesty of our church be maintained in the future How will the reputation of our church be edible gummy bears cbd Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday maintained in the future Tang Bolin said with a tightness in his heart.What do you want to do What Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday Murong Qian sneered and said.At the very least, I want people to know what the price will be if someone dares to come to our church to make trouble After speaking, Murong Qian stepped forward abruptly.At this moment, a rather majestic voice entered the ears of Murong Qian and the others.

John.Doctor, can you transfer Mr.John to a normal ward now The secretary walked in and saw that Liu Pingtao was right next to Mr.John s bed.He immediately assumed that Mr.John was cured by Liu Pingtao, so he asked Then he directly asked Liu Pingtao.It s alright, alright Liu Pingtao nodded and said.Who are you I m the secretary of President Shen Qingyu.Next, I will take care of Mr.John s affairs.The secretary said.Ah When he heard that the secretary was Shen Qingyu s secretary, Liu Pingtao was stunned.Doctor, thank you for saving Mr.John.Just when Liu Pingtao was still a little scared, the secretary suddenly reached out and shook Liu Pingtao s hand.Otherwise, our company will face a great crisis.The secretary couldn t have imagined that Jiang Xiaobei had cured Mr.John.She followed Shen Qingyu for three years.

I didn t see it, your connections are quite extensive Shen Qingyu looked at Jiang Xiaobei and said yin and yang strangely.You actually know how to betray cbd gummies adhd kids your own color Wife, isn t it Jiang Xiaobei said with a bitter face.Isn t it You still know that I m your wife You said in front of me that you missed another woman Shen Qingyu glared at Jiang Xiaobei and said angrily.The next time I come to Huaxia Kingdom, I will accompany them all the way cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday and take them to eat delicious food.If they want to feel the style of cbd gummies where to buy in scottsdale az Chinese men, would you accompany them too You didn t say, you believe me, Aren t you jealous Jiang Xiaobei said, looking at Shen Qingyu.However, I have to say that Shen Qingyu s jealous look is really cute.Jealous I still eat soy sauce Shen Qingyu rolled her eyes and said angrily.She actually really believed in Jiang Xiaobei, and knew that there was nothing between Jiang Xiaobei and Emily.

Besides, in broad daylight, Shen Qingyu was in the company, and the killer didn t dare to mess around, so with these people protecting him, he was a little stronger Sitting in the car, Jiang Xiaobei thought, he should hurry up and deal with You Ji, this matter cannot be delayed.So, Jiang Xiaobei thought, drove the car, found a remote place, and led Youji out.Tang Ming, what are the best cbd gummies sold on groupon who became a vegetative person, has been lying in the ward and has never shown signs of waking up.Next to his hospital bed, stood a pair of middle aged men and women dressed in very luxurious clothes.These middle aged men and women were Tang Ming s parents.Beside the middle aged man and woman, there was also a man standing in his twenties and approaching thirties, and the man s face always revealed a cold expression of Che.This man is Tang Tongpu.

Sun Yi said to Jiang Xiaobei with a smile.Mr.Jiang, if you want to save people, I can accompany you to save people now.Let Zhao Qiang guard the surveillance here and let us know what the other party is doing at any time Okay, let s go Jiang Xiaobei nodded.With a cold face, he temporarily put down his shock to Zhao Qiang, hurriedly ran out the door, got into the car, and went to save people with Jin are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys Wu and Sun Yi Jiang Xiaobei also took out his mobile phone and made a call.Zhang Ye, you should arrange someone to go to Kangyun Avenue, near the Friendship Mall on Kangyun Avenue, to cause a car accident.It is best to block the road completely.Remember, you must arrange it immediately Zhang Ye nodded and agreed.Therefore, Jiang Xiaobei drove the car quickly and headed towards Kangyun Avenue.With the car accident arranged by Zhang Ye, after the my kid ate cbd gummies car was completely blocked, the cbd gummies 30 g each black masked man could not continue to drive the car away.

Ah, dare to threaten us, do you really think we are so easy to bully Believe it or not, our big fellows are so heartbroken that the two of you will be carried out today Brothers, take out the guys Let them take a good 500mg cbd gummies effects look at whether we honest people are so easy to bully Let them take a good look at this world, are they rich people talking Forget it Dare to threaten us What kind of bullshit are you Remember, if there is no family with 10 million yuan, we won t move out if we kill you I think who can afford it Really Unexpectedly, these people s ability to distort meanings is so strong, and for a while, each and everyone has more hoes and shovels in their hands.Everyone, everyone Shen Qingyu stood up Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday immediately and said hurriedly.That s not what he means, what he means is, this person will get sick if he eats whole grains, right In other words, if a person lives for a lifetime, that person won t have a headache He means this, not He can you take ibuprofen with cbd gummies means to threaten everyone Humph Even if he didn t mean to threaten us, so what It s a good promise now, wait until we sign it, and when you knock down the house, then we ll be really sick.

Dude, don t chase women like this Jiang Xiaobei sat beside Xue Mingcheng and said to Xue Mingcheng.You can t come up with the best things, how can you let Qingyu admire her face and go to the concert with you What do you know Xue Mingcheng glared at Jiang Xiaobei angrily and said angrily.Why can t I come up with the best things The tickets for this concert are in the best place Humph, you don t understand even if you tell someone like you Alas Jiang Xiaobei sighed He breathed, shook his head, and said.Why don t Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday I does rite aid sell cbd gummy bears help you With that said, Jiang Xiaobei took out Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday the tickets that Lu Meiqi had given him before, and handed them to Xue Mingcheng, saying.This position is the best.I gave it to you.I believe that if you hold this ticket and ask Qingyu, the success rate will be much higher After speaking, Jiang Xiaobei solemnly patted it.

Acting, I called you to apologize It seems that Mr.Ning is also old and confused Ning Sixuan gritted her teeth.Thanks I first saw them apologize, I thought they were really lost, I thought they really apologized, for the company s Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday good, but I didn t expect it to be a trap, they wanted to continue to implement their filth Xiaobei, I m completely disappointed with them.From now on, no matter what they do or say, I won t can i bring my cbd gummies on a flight believe it Ning Sixuan looked at Jiang Xiaobei and said.Since you are so calm, gummy cbd amazon then, next, you must have your own ideas.You say what you want to do, you say it, and I will do it all.The Ning cbd gummy shapes family, this time I best cbd gummies for pain 2021 uk and them are at odds Jiang Xiaobei looked at Ning Sixuan and smiled.You believe me so Are you not afraid that I will sell you too Not afraid Ning Sixuan said.Even if you sold me, I would recognize it.

Well.Uncle Liang, don t give a shit, tell me quickly.Ningbo said impatiently.Haha.Liang Dekuan smiled and said.Chairman Ning, I can tell you what to do, but you are the chairman and you are still young, so I still have to analyze some things with you, so that you can have the opportunity to grow.Ah.Liang Dekuan took a sip of tea and continued.Chairman Ning, let me ask you, who do you think is the most important person in this matter My sister.Ningbo said without hesitation.No, no, Liang Dekuan said suddenly shaking his head.Although it is said that your sister is the core person in this matter, but the key person who caused so many things to happen in front of you and made the originally very smooth things out of the way is not your sister.Uncle cbd gummies legal age Liang, you mean, Jiang Xiaobei Ningbo was stunned, and then asked.

If the money is not enough, we ll just pay it, and there s no need to be blush with them.I thought so too Jin Wu nodded and said.But, do you know how much they re asking They want 30,000 yuan a month 30,000 yuan Jiang Xiaobei was taken aback and said.So much Yes Jin Wu nodded.They said that sera chews cbd gummies the noise fee will cost 20,000 yuan, because Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday they have to work on the people around them who are disturbed by the noise, to comfort them, and they have to send out a lot of staff every day, so the wages of these staff are all We will pay for it.The environmental sanitation fee is 10,000 yuan, which is for the cleaners.Our hospital can t earn 30,000 yuan a month, right Jiang Xiaobei said with narrowed eyes.Because the fees of the medical center are very low, a cold can be cured for only ten yuan.Therefore, even if there just cbd gummies 3000 mg Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday are 100 or 200 people coming to see a doctor a day, the income is not high.

He has just started to take over management.The restaurant, but encountered such a thing again, his current self confidence is really completely frustrated Hearing this sentence, Ning Sixuan suddenly became angry.Why do I create more wealth now, don t get married and leave the mess to my younger brother What is it that Ningbo just took over the hotel and was frustrated because of this matter Ning Sixuan is usually not a person who likes to get angry, but every time she gets angry, she is basically in front of her family.Because she feels that the head of her family has always only assumed the responsibility of the head.All the responsibilities he has undertaken, but he has never enjoyed any power that the master should enjoy.In the eyes of all of them, he is just a tool man Because he will marry in the future and become a member of another family, so they have always been , have not looked at themselves.

Can I cbd gummies alabama Take Cbd Gummies Everyday best cbd gummies near me shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus, (cbd gummies for smoking) [2022-04-08] Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday cbd oil vs gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday.

If Mr.Xie and the others get angry and invest this project in other villages, then we will only be able to Look at it Everyone in our village has collected almost a million together, and gave it to President Xie first, and then let President Xie stay and wait for you to invest If you feel embarrassed, it doesn t matter, I green earth botanicals cbd gummies and I Everyone in the village has discussed it, you put the money into us first, and after everyone in our village has made money, everyone will pool the money and pay you back the money you invested.Xiaobei, our village has always been Farmers, now I finally have this opportunity, everyone is very excited, and they don t want to let it go, so I beg you as an uncle, help a bunch of uncles, help a bunch of people in our village, okay Hearing Li Dafu Having said that, Jiang Xiaobei patted Li Dafu s shoulder with a smile and said.

Zhou invited Jiang Xiaobei to his house for dinner.So, Jiang Xiaobei came to Elder Zhou s house together.Xiao Bei, don t worry, through this press conference, your qualifications should be no problem.Zhou Lao smiled and said to Jiang Xiaobei.Those old people, no matter how shameless they are, under such great pressure, would not dare to mess around.In addition, I believe that through this press conference, I will be able to return to the wana mango cbd gummies competition as a judge again.Of course, I am not Not thinking about being a judge, but escorting you to snoop dogg cbd gummies ensure that they are inWhen grading your grades, there will be no shady existence.After this year s competition is over, I will not participate in the competition from next year, I will come back comfortably, sit in the clinic, Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday bring my grandchildren, and take care of it for a thousand years.

Jiang Xiaobei doesn t know if he can solve them However, he also had to come.Shen Qingyu had told him many times that the capital was very dangerous, and if it came, it would definitely be worse But Jiang Xiaobei knew that he had to come Therefore, when calculating the danger and calculating how to decipher the cbd gummies for vertigo danger, he took the man in black who had where to buy cbd gummies illinois been protecting him secretly into account The reason why he dared to enter the Shen family alone, the reason why he dared to cure the sickness of Mrs.Shen, and the reason why he still thought about going to the Tang family to solve the mystery of the Tang family dealing with him, all of this was the hemp bomb cbd gummies reviews result of Because Jiang Xiaobei knew that this man in black was secretly protecting himself Chapter 812 Everyone has to do something for their life Chapter 812 Everyone has to do something for their life Otherwise, Jiang Xiaobei would never dare to come to the capital with his current strength alone, and in such a dangerous situation with so many rivals Even if the situation forced him to come, he did not dare to come.

Alchemy succeeded.Jiang Xiaobei s heart was filled with excitement when he saw with his own eyes a fiery red medicinal pill appeared in the Void Pill Stove.Unexpectedly, the Void Pill Stove actually succeeded in alchemy, and I also had a double happiness, breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage Although it is the first floor of the foundation building period, it is not easy Holding the medicinal pill, Jiang Xiaobei quickly rushed out the door, drove the car, and headed towards Wuzhenju.As soon as he got into the car, Jiang Xiaobei s body was shocked, and he hurriedly took out his mobile phone to take a look I found that my mobile phone had been turned off, and when I looked at the time in the car, I found that it was already more than twelve o clock in the evening.I turned on the phone, turned it on, and found that there were countless missed calls from An Qi, Lin Hao, and Xiaohui Trouble, I m only focusing on alchemy today, and I cbd gummy bear businesspdf forgot to give Xiaohui acupuncture.

But he knows that today, it seems that he 2019 top cbd gummy brands is bound to lose this championship.Regardless of whether Huang Chao can really keep his promise, where can i buy cbd gummies near peabody ma he, Jiang Xiaobei, doesn t dare to gamble.After all, after getting along for so many years, he already has enough feelings for Shen Qingyu, and he has regarded Shen Qingyu as his closest and dearest.Dear relatives, therefore, as long as it is Shen Qingyu, Jiang Xiaobei will never dare Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday to take any risky move Even if it was half a step, he would not dare After a while of silence, Jiang Xiaobei let out a deep breath.He took out his phone and sent a WeChat message.Huang Chao, remember, I am giving up on treating patients now, and you must keep your promise.If Shen Qingyu loses a hair, I will definitely kill you I will not hand you over to the Law Enforcement Hall, neither do you.

Jiang Xiaobei took out a bottle of medicine from his pocket and handed it to Xu Bingbing, saying.This is the medicine I grinded myself.You can just apply it for me.By tomorrow, Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday it will be nothing serious.Okay Xu Bingbing nodded, she still believed in Jiang Xiaobei s medical skills, and immediately began to pour out the medicine powder in the bottle, and then carefully helped Jiang Xiaobei to apply it.When Xu Bingbing saw Jiang Xiaobei s clothes completely uncovered, revealing his injuries, he suddenly took a charlottes web cbd gummy deep breath.What caused this, the injury is so serious Xu Bingbing was really dumbfounded.She has grown so big and has never seen such a serious injury Carefully smear, for fear of hurting Jiang Xiaobei.In fact, Jiang Xiaobei doesn t CBD Bulk Gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday care.Although the injury is serious, but there is no life threatening situation, it is not particularly serious.

There won t be any problems, and there won t be any accidents That s good Tang Fenglin nodded and said.If everything goes according to plan, our side will have a much better chance of winning Tang Tongpu also nodded and said.It s a very good chance Boas health hut cbd gummies nodded and said.So, there is nothing to worry about Jiang Xiaobei s side.I just want to take care of him right now.I want to play with him first, and after playing with him half dead, we will continue to make him completely.Play to death This person must die Tang Fenglin said with a gloomy expression.With him here, we won t have a good end Don t worry, he is dead Not only you, but even me, I will try my best to kill him Chapter 1473 Thankful Xiaobei, we just negotiated a decision.Ning Sixuan looked at Jiang Xiaobei and said.Jiang Xiaobei stood by the window and smoked four or five cigarettes in succession, but he still didn t think of a good solution.

Okay, then you can go back first.Ning Sixuan nodded and said.I can t say how to do this.It depends on Jiang Xiaobei s own intentions.I can only say.If he doesn t agree, I can t help it.After experiencing these things, Ning Si Xuan s heart also began to have some doubts.She is not so relieved about Ningbo, to be precise, she is not so relieved about the entire Ning family At least not as trustworthy as before.After Ningbo left, Ning Sixuan continued to sit in the living room, replaying every word Ningbo said and every expression Ningbo had when she sat with Ningbo several times in her head.Think back and see if there is any clue in this.Ning Sixuan was already deeply in a tangle at this time.If so many things happened, does she still have feelings for the Ning family have After all, it was her home.

Well.Jiang Xiaobei nodded and said.Give Tu Gang a call.This place is more dangerous now than before.Arrange a few more people to come and protect it.Okay Jin Wu nodded and said.Tu chamoy cbd gummies Gang has just recruited a few people over the past few days.Now let s see how capable these people are.Go ahead.Jiang Xiaobei waved at Jin Wu and said.Today, thank you, if it weren t for you, this guy might full spectrum cbd gummy edibles for sale have died.Hey, what s this.Jin Wu waved his hand, lit a cigarette, and left the ward with a cigarette Because Jiang Xiaobei used silver needles for hemostasis and anesthesia when taking the bullets, Tang Tong also never fell into a coma and remained awake.At this moment, Tang Tongyi s face showed unprecedented despair.Tang Tongyi s mother wanted to speak up, but Jiang Xiaobei waved to her and motioned her not to ask questions now.

This is still the money he earned after investing his family s money.Otherwise, cbd to sleep gummies even if he was the son of the Tang family in the capital, he would not have had so much money in his hands.What s more, he was only a sideline.Not a descendant He was afraid that Jiang Xiaobei would continue to sit on the ground and raise the price, so he could only hurry up and write the check and hand it to Jiang Xiaobei Jiang Xiaobei shouted at Jin Wu and said.Go, take the check, go to the bank next door and exchange the money for me into the bank card.Master Tang, in order to prevent you from being cured, you should immediately go to the bank to erase the check.I will go now.Exchange the money, shouldn t it be a problem Jiang Xiaobei looked at Tang Ming with a smile and asked.No problem Tang Ming said through gritted teeth.

I believe that the residents here are still willing to take a car to see me After all, In their opinion, even taking a taxi is much cheaper than going to your nephew to see a doctor Jiang Xiaobei said coldly.Indeed, when seeing a doctor at Wu Hui s nephew s side, a cold, it took three or five days to fight a bottle, and a cold was cured, and it was what is cbd gummies made out of absolutely impossible to deal with three or five hundred.But here in Jiang Xiaobei, a dozen yuan can be cured, even if it is a taxi to see a doctor, it is nothing more than a hundred yuan I don t care that much Wood Hui said loudly.Anyway, your three types of pollution have seriously exceeded the standard.You must move out immediately.Otherwise, tomorrow morning, I ll have someone come over and stick a seal, so that you can t open for business Wu Hui was too lazy to continue arguing with Jiang Xiaobei.

It seemed that strangling Jiang Xiaobei would be like strangling a fish As for Jiang Xiaobei, at this time, he felt that Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday his head was already dizzy, his eyes started to turn black, and even, all kinds of stars began to flash gradually.Jiang Xiaobei himself could not see it, but the ground King Zang jolly cbd gummies for smoking could still see it, because Jiang Xiaobei had blue veins on his forehead at this time, and his whole person showed a very hideous state.However, as the king of Kizang who used this method to kill countless times, he was able to accurately judge that Jiang Xiaobei was close to death at this time.Xiaobei can completely die While Jiang Xiaobei was desperately trying to save himself, as the consciousness in his head continued to fade, the hope that flashed in his mind was also constantly disappointed.

What s more, Jiang Xiaobei still didn t want to drag down the Ning family.Therefore, Ning Sixuan is now desperately trying to convince Jiang Xiaobei.Jiang Xiaobei smiled and said.Sixuan, I have to say, when you say this, I am indeed a little moved.But, have you ever thought about Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday it You think so, but what about the people of the Tang family, do they think so Maybe they don t need this step Or maybe they don t want to pay for reconciliation After all, the Tang family is not short of money What s more, you forgot that Tang Tongpu is still planning to kill me.Under these circumstances, will they be willing to reconcile Maybe at that time, they will not only force you to call someone, but also force the Ning family to give an explanation.Isn t this giving the Tang family a chance to kill two birds with one stone Si Xuan, we The friendship between the two may be worth doing for me, but the Ning family good inexpensive cbd gummies is not your Ning family alone, so I really don t want to embarrass cbd strength gummies you or involve you.

He thought about how many bodyguards he had at the door, but he didn t expect that all the bodyguards would let the guy in front of him down.Because he was here in the capital, he didn t carry too many bodyguards with him like he did in Linhai City, but what he didn t expect was that with just a few bodyguards, he almost lost his life.Let me tell you my name.My name is Jiang Xiaobei grabbed an apple on the coffee table, put it to his mouth and ate it, chewing the apple, and said to King Kong Hand with a smile.My name is Jiang Xiaobei.If you are not too familiar with my name, then go back and ask your ex, he may know.Although the previous King Kong Hand did not kill himself , However, in the hearts of everyone in the Red Gang, he was still the murderer who killed the previous King Kong Hand.

You were bullied in Huaxia, and I will definitely help you get it back.This guy will definitely die Komorita said to Sada kun through gritted teeth.In his heart, He is noble, so his people are also noble, while the people of Huaxia Kingdom are all inferior, otherwise, he would not be so excessive to Ning Sixuan.Even in her heart, the reason why Ning Sixuan was accepted as a concubine was because she felt that Ning Sixuan was inferior and was not qualified to be his Xiao Morita s wife.It was enough to make her a concubine.And Sada kun was beaten by a Chinese man.In his heart, it was a shame.Therefore, even if Sada kun was what dose shoudl i take for cbd gummies not seriously injured, he had to let Jiang Xiaobei die.Get enough face.Morita kun, I have found the address of this guy.Sada kun said.This guy is a Chinese medicine practitioner.

In this matter, Zhang Mei is quite grateful to Tang Ming.Auntie, don t worry.Tang Ming said.They are just a bunch of gangsters.They are afraid of calling the police, just because they tru cbd gummies are afraid of the police.Therefore, once the police show up, they will not dare to mess around.Moreover, Deputy Director Zhou also brought professional negotiating experts.Negotiation experts will tell them are cbd gummies the same thing as hemp gummies that if they don t kill, they are just kidnapping and they can get out after a few years in prison, but if they kill, it s a capital crime and they will be sentenced to death, so I believe they will never dare In addition, all the police officers brought by Deputy cbd gummies delivery Director Zhou today were well trained police officers, and they all came with weapons.Their weight of each cbd gummy strength should not be underestimated, and they could definitely ensure the safety of Shen Qingyu.

Therefore, she also has a little understanding of acupuncture.Especially the acupoints When sitting in the car, Youji never Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday talked to Jiang Xiaobei, but he was always thinking of a way to get out.When Jiang Xiaobei was entangled with Qi kanha cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday Xiaoshuang s mother, Youji saw a man in the back of the car.thing, so, Youji desperately used her gas station cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday body to collide and hit that thing.After hitting it several times, finally, Youji used Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday that thing to hit her body s acupuncture point.After her body was able to move, she immediately opened the car door and ran away quickly At this moment, Youji did not flee, but hid in a nearby cafe.Mobile phone in hand, ready to make a call.According to the rules of the zodiac, if there is a misjudgment of the target, after the target s strength exceeds the level of the killer himself, the killer can call the headquarters and ask the headquarters to send a more powerful killer to complete this mission.

In the capital, even in the whole of China, best cbd gummies oil for pain or in the island country, you can all walk with your heads held high.Qi Xiaoshuang and Hu Mi er were too lazy to listen to this Sagito continued.Now, just stood up and walked outside.Two beauties, it s very boring for you to do this.Sagito stepped forward and stopped them, saying.It s your just cbd gummies 3000 mg Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday honor that Sada kun can look up to you.Please don t continue to hemp gummy vs cbd be so hypocritical.As a woman, sooner or later, you will have to accompany a man.So, wouldn t it be better to accompany a man like Sada kun If If you continue to be hypocritical, it won t do you any good.Qi Xiaoshuang also tore his face and cursed loudly.Ma am, if you still have the same attitude, then don t blame me for being rude.Sagito s face finally showed a gloomy smile.You re welcome Why are you going to be welcome Hu Mi er asked loudly.

If yummi cbd gummies there is an empty office building in this kind of place.If cbd gummies reverse type 2 diabetes you do, someone will rent it out as soon as possible, and based on what I know about this place, there is almost no possibility that cbd gummies rip off all the office buildings around here will be vacant So, it was such a coincidence.Jiang Xiaobei said.You said, it happens that cbd gummies hempzilla this place is within the range of the bullet, and it just happens that the original company has moved out, and it just happens that no one has rented it out yet best cbd oil gummies for sale to move in.That s how this criminal can take advantage of it.Fortunately, this criminal has found such a position.Ning Sixuan nodded.He s still using a chill gummy bears cbd type pistol, and it s just within range.If this place was discovered by chance during the day s work, then he shouldn t have come with a pistol with just enough range, because if you can t find such a place , then, the range is not enough, and the assassination will not be successful.

You, don t mess around, let me tell you, we are following Brother Ye, and Brother Ye will let you die anytime and anywhere without knowing how to die said the green haired loudly.When speaking, the green hair subconsciously released the hand that grabbed Shen Qingyu s wrist.Jiang Xiaobei cbd gummies s eyes were cold, and without saying a word, he rushed directly in front of the green haired man.He raised his leg and kicked him violently towards the green haired belly.The green hair was like being hanged under coercion, and his body flew four or five meters backwards in an instant, and fell heavily to the ground.An unbearable scream The onlookers were once again stunned.What kind of force did it take to be able to kick people so far This is not the end.With a cold face, Jiang Xiaobei walked in front of the green haired screaming on the ground, raised his leg, and stepped directly on the green haired right wrist The green hair suddenly let out a more shrill scream than before, because when Jiang Xiaobei stepped down, his hand bones were directly stepped on.

Well, this is the end of my interview, thank you.This is a man in his fifties.The words spoken by the aged western medicine expert in an interview.After hearing this sentence, Jiang Xiaobei, who was already very angry in his heart, suddenly burst into a burst of inexplicable anger Although, in terms of research, there cbd suger free gummies are essential differences between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, so the research progress will definitely have the problem of the length of time.And, as a doctor, you must who owns kushly cbd gummies also have a certain understanding of mortality when you go to the ward.Such a high mortality rate, and it is not known whether the patients who are taken over by traditional Chinese medicine are seriously ill or not. Chapter 1190 Let me go too Chapter 1190 Let me go too and the other party, since they are in that village, naturally knows these things.

Jiang Xiaobei naturally agreed.He couldn t refuse such a thing.In fact, he didn t want Tang Zuolin to die at all, but Tang Zuolin was determined to die, and he was so disappointed in his heart that he had no meaning to live at all.Therefore, Jiang Xiaobei swallowed the words of persuasion on his lips at that time Since Tang Zuolin wanted to die wholeheartedly, then let him fulfill him.Tang Bolin sat down, was silent for a while, and said.Tang Zuolin s hand is indeed very good.At least, the labels of Tang Fenglin s unscrupulous murder of his relatives and killing his relatives on the spot are hard to clear at once, and it will take a long time on purpose, Tang Fenglin Your reputation is stinky.Yes.Jiang Xiaobei nodded and said.This is also can i take my cbd gummies on an airplane Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday the main reason why Tang Zuolin did this.That s the character of a person like him.

When you come to the capital, you should call me as soon as possible.You have helped me such a big favor.You said, can I thank you and entertain you Although Zeng Weiping is 2000 mg cbd gummies near me running this Internet company , However, because every position in the company now has relevant professionals, he cbd gummies thc free Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday is basically the chairman of the board and the boss behind him.Basically, there is no need for him to do anything about the company now.Management, every week, set aside a day or two to go to the company for a meeting.Some time ago, because the company is an Internet company, everyone spent the Mid Autumn Festival busy working overtime.Therefore, Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday after the Mid Autumn Festival ended, Zeng Weiping took some of the company s backbone to go abroad for vacation and have a good leisure time., Today, he just came back from abroad, and he came to Du Chen for the first time.

Sometimes, when it s time to brake, it can t stop.Fortunately, these problems do not appear often, but only occasionally, and everyone copd cbd gummies amazon is more experienced in the control of excavators, so everyone bites the bullet and continues to drive.However, today, the problem has become more and more serious, and everyone can t control the excavator.And on several occasions, it almost hurt people.Just two hours ago, an excavator dug a bucket of soil and was going to dump it on the earth moving truck.Right here On the right, there was just one person, who was relatively tall, and was directly hit on the head by the heavy iron bucket of the excavator Chapter 518 Legends Chapter 518 Legends Fortunately, there are not many places where the excavator got out of control, so when I saw people, I stopped in time.

Damn, what did I say to you Why don t dragons den cbd gummies quit smoking you come out and make trouble if you don t have anything to do with it Are you taking my words on a deaf ear You ve also annoyed Laozi s eldest brother, sister in law, what are you doing Your guts are fat enough revive 365 cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday After beating, Zhang Ye vented a bit and said to the younger brother beside him.Blow these guys away, I don t want to see them in Nanchuan City in the future Yes, Brother Ye Although, in front of Jiang Xiaobei, Zhang Ye was just a little brother, respectful and obedient.However, in today s Nanchuan City, Zhang Ye is already a little famous.Although he is not the most powerful, he has already emerged.In the circle of Nanchuan City, he is already a more influential figure.Taking Shen Qingyu out of the market, Jiang Xiaobei and Shen Qingyu got on a bus again and went directly to the bus terminal.

Then, I began to grow slowly, and gradually began to how much are cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday have What I did, it was during this process that I was slowly accepted by all of you.Among them, the Shen family, including benefits cbd gummies live green hemp reviews the entire Nanchuan City, also had a lot of things happening, and these things kept pushing me to grow and keep on growing.Let our relationship be closer.It seems to be for thorns, because some small things in life make you and me change slowly.It s just that things backfired.Just when our relationship was progressing a little bit, there were some misunderstandings in the middle, which eventually led to the divorce of the two of us.However, the divorce this time gave us a qualitative leap in our relationship.By the time we remarried, our relationship had already reached a very high level.Become a glue like couple.That is, after the remarriage this time, I slept on the bed for the first time Hearing Jiang Xiaobei say these words, Shen Qingyu s body trembled slightly.

If it really doesn t work, just ask Shen Qingyu to borrow some.On her side, the family is lychee blossom om cbd gummy so big, and although there is not a lot of liquidity, one or two hundred million can still be taken out casually.It can only be the.Qi Xiaoshuang looked at the time and said to Jiang Xiaobei, Brother Xiaobei, it s time for us to make an appointment with Mr.Wu to see the store.Let s go over and have a look together.Me too Jiang Xiaobei asked.You re the big boss, it s best to go there, Qi Xiaoshuang said.What s more, the two of us didn t drive cbd gummies phoenix the car when we came to the capital this time, and we re not familiar with some places.That s true.Jiang Xiaobei nodded and said.Then I ll go with you.After getting in the car, Qi Xiaoshuang said to Jiang Xiaobei.We made a total of two online reservations.The first one is a facade in Wangfujing.

Can also be used back.At noon, Jiang Xiaobei and Ning Sixuan had a working lunch in the company.In the afternoon, Jiang Xiaobei returned to Wuzhenju for a live streamed consultation.In the evening, there will be a live broadcast with goods.It s not that Jiang Xiaobei wants to take advantage of the Chinese New Year to make more money with live broadcasts, how can i sell cbd gummy bears in ct mainly those products that help farmers.If they don t sell before the New Year, there will be a lot of unsalable sales during the New Year, which will lead to bad sales.Lose.Moreover, those farmers also hope to have a little more money in their hands for the Chinese New Year Therefore, Jiang Xiaobei and best cbd gummies for copd Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday Ning Sixuan also plan to sell everything they have negotiated with the farmers as what is the price of cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday much as possible before the Chinese New Year, and cbd sleep gummies with melatonin then ask the employees to settle the settlement with the farmers as soon as possible, so that They were able to get money and spend the New Year comfortably a few years ago.

Calling at this time will make it more difficult for Lu Meiqi to do it.He had to put away the phone.Indeed, he didn t want Lu Meiqi to be difficult.It took almost twenty minutes to put on makeup, and it was finally finished.Hurry up and shoot Tong Beixin came out of the dressing room and said cbd gummies riverside ca loudly to the staff.I only have ten minutes, all of you are ready, and strive to complete the shooting at one time.Okay The director who had been ready for a long time stood up at this time danny the count cbd gummies and came to Tong Beixin.Xin said.Hello, Miss Tong, I m very happy to be able to work with you today.It s black friday cbd gummies how much cbd gummies should i take for sleep royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews alright, stop talking so much nonsense, tell me quickly how I should shoot, and then we will hurry up and shoot Tong Bei Xin waved his hand and said very unhappily.Okay, I ll tell you Because the director is not a very famous director, he has only filmed some commercials, so when he sees such a big star, the whole person unconsciously expresses Some humble.

scolded.Naturally, Jiang Xiaobei would not believe their one sided words.He quickly walked towards the scene of the incident at the entrance of the medical hall.When he came here, Sun do cbd gummies interfere with medications Xuechang was standing by, and at this time, on the ground, lay a man.The old man, in his sixties, was motionless It looked like it was no different from the dead.Jiang Xiaobei asked.Mr.Sun, what s going on Jiang Xiaobei asked, while Jiang Xiaobei squatted down and began to feel the pulse of the old man.Xiaobei, it is like this.Sun Xuechang said to Jiang Xiaobei.This old man was delivered an hour ago.At that time, when he was delivered, he said that the pain in his chest was very severe.I thought about checking the old man first, after confirming the situation, and then carrying what is purekana cbd gummies out treatment, but , the patient s family kept saying that their father was in kingdom harvest cbd gummies too much pain, let s see if there is any way to help the old man are cbd gummies legal in indiana relieve the pain first.

Yes, she was right, in the company, everyone really often greets the employees.Because Jiang Xiaobei and Xu Bingbing have the same martha stewart cbd wellness gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday point cbd extract gummies of view, that is, employees are our family members.Since they trust us and work in the company, then we must be responsible to them.Not only should it be reflected in wages, but also care about every bit of life Obviously, Jiang Xiaobei and Xu Bingbing did it.And by heart to heart, the employees also gave them the best return.The female employee just said it very well.Jiang Xiaobei took the microphone and said to the employees in the audience.In the company, we seem to be the relationship between the boss and the subordinate, but I think that everyone should treat each other as family, so that a company is full of cbd gummies forsale human touch and family warmth, then everyone works together.

After all, no matter how capable he is, he cannot compete with the Law Enforcement Hall.You are suspected of a malicious criminal case, please come with me now.The member said, looking at Jiang Xiaobei.If possible, can I trouble you to wait for a while Jiang Xiaobei said.My number today, and the last five patients.After I ve read them, I ll go with you.Don t worry, I won t play any tricks.You can always stand beside me.Impossible.That The members of the Famous Law Enforcement Hall immediately waved their hands and said to Jiang Xiaobei.You must come with me now Jiang Xiaobei nodded, sighed deeply, and said.Alright then, I ll go with you.The members of the Law Enforcement Hall immediately took out a handcuff from their waists, and was about to pure vera cbd gummies review handcuff Jiang Xiaobei.Jiang Xiaobei also took a deep breath, stretched out his hand, and asked the other party to handcuff him However, at this moment, the member of the Law Enforcement Hall who was holding handcuffs to handcuff Jiang Xiaobei suddenly screamed, his hands shook, and the handcuffs immediately fell to the ground.

I m going to kill you King Kong pointed at Zhang Ye and said.Did you hear it clearly Lao Tzu, that is, I want to kill you Jiang Xiaobei, who was beside him, suddenly nodded cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina 1500mg reviews and laughed.Looking at King Kong pure vera cbd gummies where to buy Hand, said.Shame on your face, cbd sour bear gummy don t you Hahaha It s funny, shame on your face, melatonin and cbd gummies do you have any face Do I need you to give your face You don t pee and take photos, it s just you two trash., are you qualified to give me face King Kong Hand said arrogantly.You re shameless, I bah King Kong Shou said, his mouth squirming, and then, a mouthful of saliva, spit out directly.Directly, he vomited on Jiang Xiaobei s clothes Jiang Xiaobei looked down at the saliva on his clothes, and a faint smile appeared on his face.Then, his face changed He grabbed an ashtray on the coffee table, and smashed it hard at King Kong Shou s head Chapter 1105 is too domineering Chapter 1105 is too domineering An ashtray made of pure glass with amazing thickness.

This kind of profit, let alone the Shen family, any family, I am afraid they will be reluctant to throw it away.Therefore, Shen Qingyu could only bite the bullet and talk to Boas.Our Pauillac family still knows about this matter.Some time ago, in the family meeting, my mother also mentioned this matter.Sixty percent of the profit, Miss martha steward cbd gummies cbd gummies for sensory processing disorder Shen, your sincerity is not small.Mr.Boas, cooperation naturally requires sincerity.Only with sincerity can the other party Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday cooperate cbd gummies affects with us.Boas stroked his beard and said with a smile.Let s put it this way, mingo rad cbd gummies review Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday I think it can still be cvs cbd gummies done.After all, in those small countries, they have all borrowed money from our Pauillac family, and they can be regarded as our Pauillac family s partners.If you stand up and speak, they will still cbd gummies for copd uk listen.As for 30 of the capital investment, it is even more a piece of cake for our Pauillac family.

Really Jiang Xiaobei nodded and said.However, there are at least two or three hundred of us villagers and workers today.Isn t it too shameful for you to bring out two biogold cbd gummies quit smoking bottles of wine It Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday cbd gummies reviews reddit s not enough for one person to take a sip Yes, two bottles are indeed very few, but, Better than not delta cbd gummies Can I Take Cbd Gummies Everyday Li Qiang said to Jiang Xiaobei.It s better, you don t have a bottle, right Just as he was talking, the Toyota Alpha, which had been following behind, finally came here.The driver got out of the car and said to Jiang Xiaobei and Shen Qingyu.Mr.Jiang, Mr.Shen, I m really sorry.I m not familiar with the route, so I lost it all at once.By the cheapest cbd hemp bombs gummies way, Mr.Shen, where are these wines unloaded Let me unload them.Shen Qingyu found a place, He pointed and said to the driver.Just unload it over there, find a few villagers to help you unload it together.

As for the medical center, Jiang Xiaobei didn human cbd gummies for dogs t care too much.There was basically no problem with Mr.Sun sitting in the medical center.However, Jiang Xiaobei still felt that he had to hurry white label cbd gummies png up and find a few Chinese doctors to come over for a consultation.After all, Elder Sun was quite old, and it was tiring for him to sit in the medical hall all the time.When Jiang Xiaobei drove his car to the Grand Skylight Hotel, he called Bai Dashao.The other party cbd gummies help with pain was on his way, but it would take a while.Bai Dashao told Jiang Xiaobei s box number and let him Jiang Xiaobei waited in the box for a while.However, out of courtesy, Jiang Xiaobei did not wait in the box, but sat in the lobby on the first floor and waited.In any case, this is also the person introduced by Bai Dashao, so I have to give Bai Dashao a little face, right If you go directly to the box and wait, it will make the other party feel that you are not paying attention.

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