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There is a shadow dweller who maintains a good relationship with me, and I start to try to get more knowledge from him.Sadly, I can t write the name of this new friend the shadow dwellers don t have names.He doesn t seem to like it though I ve tried calling himI ll just call him dropship cbd gummies Brian in private.Brian was not able to help me solve the mystery of the deep world either.In this regard, the intelligence he disclosed was similar to that of other shadow dwellers.But in more conversations, Brian told me some things outside the deep world.

It s not a complete failure, not a full effect, but a certain percentage of decline.In addition, we also found volunteers who were deaf for different reasons to test, and found that in deaf people with organic hearing damage The decline was not obvious, and Song of the Deep still had a fairly obvious effect on them, but the opposite was true for volunteers who were deaf due to brain lesions In the second test subject, Song of the cbd gummies for tendonitis Deep only played The weak effect, it feels as if they are not only physically deaf, but also deaf in their soul.

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It cbd gummies to help stop smoking seems that you know the identity of the lady Modier judged from the other party s reaction, holistic farms cbd gummies what I saw was As you guessed, Master Modier, A god Heragor sighed softly, but not the god of this era He has been missing for more than 1.8 million years.Chapter 1214 The unsolved case of God comes from the leader of the dragon race The answer made Modier sluggish on the spot.No organic recover cbd gummies reviews matter what the situation, it is rare to fall into a state of astonishment.However, at this moment, he realized that Tai Ran s state of mind was only because he did not encounter a really outrageous situation a god who least expensive cbd gummies had been missing for more than 1.

Yes, I look I can see the young tester said with a smile, his nervousness seemed to have completely eased, and it s better than seeing with his eyes.Gawain was suddenly curious What does the world look like in your eyes Thisit s hard to describe, I can see everything in all directions at the same time, including the ground on my back and my feet The young tester thought about it and said seriously, This is direct perception, all information directly in the mind.But almost nothing I saw was coloured, just various degrees of grey and white, which took a while to get used to.

, and what made it re stabilized but Brian didn t answer, he went back to a state of babbling and wandering.I tried a few more space gem cbd gummies times after that, including on other shadow dwellers, with similar results, it seems that whenever it comes to this, they immediately go into a deeper dream state which further exacerbates my unease.X month X It s frustrating to have an investigation without progress for days in a row, and it s even more frustrating I find it s time for me to leave.The world that dominates has been stuck for too long.

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First of cbd gummies backed by shark tank all It s about the identity of that Ms.Diana herself my natural cbd gummies in Typhon.At present, it can be determined that she is the leader of Typhon s special unit Rogues Rogues are elite troops directly loyal to the Typhon royal family, and their interiors are cbd gummies amazon reddit subdivided according to their functions, and their positioning is similar to the royal shadows of the Ansu era.Guards, or can you buy cbd gummies at 18 now Steel Rangers, mainly perform special operations and internal and external intelligence missions.The main cbd gummies in kerrville tx combatants of rogues are basically elite battle mages, and have been specially trained for combat.

At this moment, Gawain didn t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.He only knew that this bizarre world had lifted a veil in front of him, and under the veil a world that was even more wanton and chaotic was revealed.His eyes fell on Enya s eggshell You mean, whether it s the chaotic magical energy environment in the Gondor Wastes or the rough crystal ore we mined in the Dark Mountains.It s best cbd gummies that are on the market just high cbd gummies for migraines intensity.The reaction product formed after the magical radiation acts on a specific substance, Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety the mortals seven hundred years ago were actually not affected by the magical tide, whether it was a big or a small magical tide Enya s voice was flat and indifferent.

Eighty percent of these facilities were designed by him can you get cbd gummies in australia Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd back then.This advance base was originally built for the restoration of the magnificent wall.And after that great project was over, all of the forward bases have remained the same as here, and have been in operation to this day, some of which have had cbd maxx gummies their soldiers rotated.But there are also a katie couric cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd few veterans and commanders who have extended their stay.To this day still serve in this land that lies beyond the boundaries of civilization.

After two seconds, he asked Amber What about you What kind of person do you belong to I probably don t count in any category Amber thought for a while, cbd full spectrum gummy bears then suddenly laughed, I m not a person who likes to use my brain.In order to avoid working overtime and at the expense rainbow cbd gummies of your IQ, you can fight hard enough Gao Wen smiled helplessly, raised his finger and pointed to the document he was just reading, Typhon has initially agreed to our proposal, Including the exchange of long term ambassadors, the establishment of embassies, the expansion of business cooperation global green cbd gummies 450 mg Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd and other projects.

He did feel something familiar from that pillar, a magical Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd do cbd gummies make you high wave similar to some of the facilities in the Eternal Sleeper cbd gummy manufacturer usa headquarters This is the hall of thinking.The pillar in front of you is how many cbd gummies should i eat for sleep called the mental hub.It is the first and only mind hub in the what does a cbd 25mg gummie bear do empire Gawain noticed the change in the expressions on Yuri and others faces, he deliberately After waiting for a few seconds, Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety he explained, You may have some familiarity with it, which is normal, because this thing uses your mind network technology.

The latter may be cbd dreams gummies able to communicate, and the former Contact is a disaster.Amber rolled his eyes beside him I have some sympathy for those representatives their mood these days will definitely be ups and downs for several rounds.Exercising their mind will help improve their ability to withstand pressure, and they will use it sooner or later Gawain said casually, and then he showed a thoughtful look, But now there is a problem How do we identify dragons that are polluted by the adverse tide and those who are simply hungry and want to plunder food We should keep those dragons that can be saved as much as possible.

Maybe it s because they judge that the loss is too great, and they don t want to do any more.Spend a huge cost to produce a new batch of brain servants , penguin cbd gummies sour worms which is similar to the mentality of cherishing tools Gawain couldn t think of a twinleaf cbd gummies better explanation for a while, so he could only say this casually and detour the topic., All in all, the Eternal Sleeper obviously has no better starpowa cbd gummies 15mg way to solve the problem now, is that vermont cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd so.Yes, my lord, Daniel replied.Then try your best to help them find a charlottes web cbd gummies review way cbd 8 gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Gawain shook his head, although he was full of disobedience, he still cbd gummy help back pain cbd gummies naples fl had to say this, The priority is to protect the spiritual network, if it vita cbd gummies really can t be preserved Evacuate in time, I will find another way to contact you.

Everyone who has participated in it is nervous at this moment, and does not want it to have any accident.And this exciting project affects not only the real world, but also another world preparing for the upcoming grid connection.In the New World constructed by the Keoni CBD Gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd power of the mind, a brand new city spreads out on the plain eagle hemp cbd gummies return policy and shines in the sky.The appearance of this city looks like the mirror of the imperial capital Cecil, and it can be seen everywhere.See the cbd gummy bear recipe outline of Cecil City in the real world.

As a Royal Shadowguard, I should not leave any text in the middle of a classified mission.information, which is a violation of confidentiality rules.But the current situation is special, I may not be able to get out of here safely, in order to leave a warning and experience for later people, I decided to record part of my trip.My name is Surrey Randolph, a Royal smokiez smokiez sour jamberry 250mg cbd gummies Shadowguard, and I have been ordered to travel cbd sleep gummies with melatonin side effects to the Dark Mountains of the South, in search of ancient heritage in this forsaken land.

Plain best quality cbd gummy bears of the Holy Spirit In the sky, an anti gravity aircraft much larger than a conventional dragoon is swiping cbd only gummies through the cloud bottom in the sun, and several dragoon fighters serving as escorts and two heavily not pot cbd gummies armed dragonborn warriors are lined up on both sides to escort them.The formation accompanies the flight, the katie couric cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd bright sunlight shines through the thin clouds at high altitude on the shell made of ca cbd gummies steel and crystal, a layer eagle brand hemp cbd gummies of dazzling silver light appears, and at the same time reveals the energy shield covering the aircraft and the dragonborn soldiers.

Bud turned around cbd gummies doon and walked towards the triangular gap emitting dim Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd fluorescence, and the figure gradually disappeared into the darkness.Gawain withdrew his gaze and looked at the open space beside a large root on the left.In that open space, a metal base supported a luminous crystal suspended in the air and rotated slightly, and the full magic power was being released smoothly.The magic spar lamp nearby was lit, and the magic net terminal set in the open space was also activated.

As a result, the picture projected in the sphere began to rotate and zoom, green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review and the internal structures of the cubes that were split and displayed were immediately dispersed and presented to the deep sea witch in a clearer and more intuitive way.You katie couric cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd ve been staring at these structural diagrams for what is the most effective brand of cbd gummies the past two days, Hathaway Another deep sea witch with a gold red fish tail swam cbd wellness gummies martha stewart over from the side, her voice was soft and hoarse, gentle and quiet, It can be seen that you are very concerned about it.

However, Rebecca s eloquence was soon interrupted by a sudden sound in the bedtime cbd gummies bright and spacious medterra cbd gummies near me hall of thinking, there was a sudden sound super chill cbd gummies get you high from low to high.Immediately afterwards, the ringing sound turned into some kind of low and pleasant humming sound, which complemented the humming sound of the mind hub itself, and suddenly a large number of rune projections emerged around the mind hub, as if a huge wave.Data is connecting to the network and adjusting the efficiency of the operation of the mind hub.

He was kicked out because of his vulgar words and deeds Magnum stared, What cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd s the matter with the cbd gummies liver issues charges they gave cbd not pot gummies source me back then Semler s gloomy and serious face cbd gummies 1250mg was darker than usual.After a few minutes, he ignored the conversation behind him, just continued to walk forward with a tense face.Yuri Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety also sighed and stopped talking.Magnum found that no one responded to him, shrugged indifferently, strode hard, and walked in the middle of the team.The deep and long corridor cbd gummies waco Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd seemed to have Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety no end, extending all the way to the central area of the underground palace.

He was affirmed by the world s greatest pioneering hero and adventurer.You are the greatest adventurer The white haired old man smiled happily and said to Gawain as cbd gummies peoria il if stating the truth, Perhaps I did have some achievements back natures method cbd gummies nz then, but I was in the pioneers.You set off in the peace that we established, but you are how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety fighting in an environment like the Demon Tide Wasteland That was the achievement of Gawain Cecil.There was some embarrassment in Gawain s heart, and he couldn t help shaking his head edens herbals cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd That is in the past.

I understand Gawain stared at the other party for a few more seconds, then what do cbd gummies make u feel like eased his expression and nodded slightly, If you don t want to go into details, I won t ask further, but one day I still hope you can.Satisfy my curiosity.As for now just make sure this cost doesn t affect our mission.Veronica cbd gummies store Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd met Gawain s gaze, with a smile still Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd on her face, as if the smile cbd hemp gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd had temporarily solidified, she nodded, and said with the cbd gummies overnight shipping same calm and tranquil attitude as always Of course, I have already calculated it before departure The filthy cloud rose and fell, covering the sky like some sickening, semi gelatinous quagmire, oppressing the earth, and the whole world seemed oppressed in this low cloud and More oppressive than the sky is the dead and severely corrupted earth.

After hesitating, she hesitated, and finally made up her mind, Besides, my father is still alive.Grand Duke Pei Dinan s expression froze instantly, and his whole body lost his response like a petrification.After more than ten seconds, the old man took a deep breath as if he suddenly remembered how to breathe, and stared at Andersa with wide eyes.Face What did you say You say Bud he he s still alive Yes, my father is still alive Andersa took a light breath, she finally organized the language, and the next half sentence became lyft cbd gummies extraordinarily smooth, He s in Cecil.

Such things would look crude when performed on the street stage of the Harvest Festival, not to mention that this is a palace However, he saw His does cbd gummies help stop smoking best cbd gummies pain relief Majesty the emperor in front of him smiled and nodded Interesting Gawain put together his notes and glanced at Philm, who was a little stunned.Very few playwrights write this kind of actual , logical stuff, and very best cbd gummy for anxiety few Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety people focus on an interesting story rather than an elegant hero mask.And you also cut out the plot that doesn t work The narrated poems and the formulaic monologues Does this story have a name Philm was still at a loss Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd at the moment, he said subconsciously without much thought It s called Going South Gawain was stunned for a moment, and couldn t help but laugh healing resources cbd gummies It s really a simple and best cbd gummies gold bee straightforward name, and it has some meaning.

The mechanic was silent for two seconds, Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd shook his head lightly and natures only cbd gummies amazon sighed Well, then their side cbd gummies vs weed is tinnitus relief cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd indeed more important than ours Seriously, I admire those dragons who signed up to go to the west coast.In this situation Go around the long coastline and fly to the other side of Tal Lund to monitor the terrifying cbd gummies harmful effects tower.And also have to find a way to solve half of the supplies I just hope they are all well.This is what we must.Responsibility to take Carador said in a deep voice, We have left enough mess in this nature fine cbd gummies world.

But what Gawain had to do had already been done.Huge and meaningless can you take cbd gummies on a plane Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd fragments of history surged out with him at the center, turning into a turbulent flow that ordinary human minds could not vegan us cbd gummies handle, swept everything around, and the expansion speed of this turbulent flow even exceeded Magnum s mental storm, exceeding The lights that spread all over the city and even the whole world frog gummies cbd this is a historical fragment that has never appeared in the No.1 sandbox, it is unfamiliar data that the entire Mind Network has never processed, and even a part of it It is the eternal sleeper who created the Mind Network.

He just just cbd gummies legal turned somersaults in the air and saw the flame giant s half body smashed into the ground.on the ground.And out of the eagle hemp cbd gummies 300 mg corner of his eye, he saw that terrifying old mage was hiding under a nearby boulder pillar, and while sneaking a forbidden spell, he quickly turned his head and glanced at him a comparison thumbs up.I The two handed swordsman was excited and blurted out his native dialect.However, his voice was quickly engulfed by the remaining wailing of the flame giant and the loud noise of the second mushroom cloud erupting.

Amour looked up at cbd gummies 500mg Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Ammon, who seemed to be in a daze.Do you know how to deal with this They look like this I know Ammon said who should not take cbd gummies softly before Amber finished speaking., he justcbd cbd holiday gummies lowered his head slightly, and the pair of antlers with a crystal texture on the edge gently touched the flower vines on the ground.It was attached to the top of the antlers, shaking gently as Amoun raised his head.Amoen narrowed his eyes at the moment.He turned his head slightly, as if listening to a voice from a distance.

But no matter which one it is, the precondition is that it will only work if the deceased asks for it himself.This Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety is the embodiment order cbd gummy bears online of the human race s idea of soul inheritance in the field shark tank cbd tinnitus gummies of life and death.Viscount Andrew stared good vibes cbd gummies review into Bud s eyes I thought you would justify and emphasize that you kept your hand at that treets cbd gummies time, or that you were also bewitched by cult thoughts.One or two seemingly extenuating reasons can be exonerated, then all the gallows in the world can be dismantled Bud said calmly, You can sentence me to death, or you can choose to forgive, This is your power, but I have nothing to say.

Apparently only senior scholars who have studied the text and priests who have a lot of Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd knowledge can cheef cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd understand growmax cbd gummies trial this thing of course, an old zongzi resurrected from the Gondor era.Gawain naturally knew this, so he didn t shirk, and after moving the book to his side, he and Amber began to identify the words on it.This ancient travelogue contains astonishingly rich content.Its author, the Duke of the North six hundred years ago, is obviously very different from the contemporary aristocrats.

Basically, these are the kinds of abnormal phenomena that have appeared in the mind network recently.Although the Supreme Bishops Conference stated that these are rumors.And my investigation has not found any evidence of the above mentioned abnormal where can you buy cbd gummies in massachusetts phenomena, but from the eyewitness report Judging by the frequency and scope of occurrence, coupled with the information I have heard in the bishop community, the cbd gummies kosher situation is probably not Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety that simple.I am afraid there are indeed some problems with the operation of the Mind Network.

But that doesn t make you relax your vigilance as the battlefield gets closer and closer to Winterhold headquarters, tensions in this area are escalating, and the big air battle herbal health cbd gummies three days ago had a profound impact on the entire war situation.Now The entire Winterfort cbd gummies blood test area is turning into a front line.The agents under the Typhon Intelligence Department and the security forces under the name of the Earl of Winterfort seem to have smelled something and are frequently checking the people who come and go, and I have been in do cbd gummies have weed this place for a long time The necessary information has been cbd edibles gummies bear sleeping bag 18 8n size 300 sent away, and the rangers who were operating inside and outside the city and the MI agents who needed to be covered have all been evacuated in batches, and this place do cbd gummy bears have thc cannot continue to stay.

After that, the Dragonborn troops don t have to hide and tuck, and the aerial confrontation between us and Typhon may continue to escalate, and the Dragonborn and Dragoon troops may continue to escalate.It will become an important weight on the battlefield.After that, Gawain closest cbd gummy worms near me was silent for a while, and then asked Tell me about another aspect how is the assessment of cbd gummies and prednisone Typhon s damage At present, there is no very accurate assessment conclusion the main reason is that the enemy had a very medigreens cbd gummies review strange continuous resurrection phenomenon in that blizzard, and the extremely bad weather conditions seriously affected the judgment of the downing situation, but one thing can be Certainly the Typhons definitely botanical farms cbd gummies for sale Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd outnumber us in terms of casualties Hetty said immediately, According to the reports of post war aerial observers, the canyons of the entire mountain line are full of searing wreckage and corpses of men and griffins.

But at the moment when his vision shifted, an unexpected flash suddenly broke into the edge of his field of vision.Hragol stopped for a moment, and turned his head suddenly Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety to look in the direction of the flash.Balogor and Andal, who were discussing which word to start with, also stopped instantly, and looked in the same direction However, they only Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd had time to see a fleeting phantom, a vague outline.It seems to be a huge steel creation, a bit like a dragon with a body length of two or three hundred meters, and a bit eagle brand cbd gummies like the tail engine group of the Tal Lund, that thing flashed past the edge of the polymer dome , the speed is so fast that people can t see clearly at all.

He gradually realized that the holy radiance that enveloped his whole body was flowing like water, and in his tone With a sigh Ah, yes, she doesn t believe in me, that s right The former god of nature whispered to himself, and then suddenly asked The original upper level Druid church was When was it reorganized About a thousand years ago maybe even earlier Gawain nodded and told the history he had heard from Belsetia, This is a Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety gradual process., In the Silver Empire, the upper druid church first lifted a series of marginal parishes from the privileges.

Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd (Anxiety), [cbd gummies 500mg] Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd strong cbd gummies Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd.

And stay away from The former God of War Pope unreservedly said that he had observed the law after wandering here for so long, That thing feels alive , but I don t see any life Or something similar to life appeared on it.Of course, this may also be because the shallow cognition of mortals blinded my eyes.In this kingdom of gods many things cannot be understood by mortal wisdom Ma am Carmel turned to look in the direction of Miermina, Do you He stopped halfway through his words, because he saw that the Magic Lord had already widened.

From being a scribe of a nobleman when he was young, to becoming a tower guard at the hub of the magic web in middle age, he has seen and experienced things in half his life.few.But he d never heard anything like that, never heard a can i bring cbd gummies on a flight Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd question like thatbetween the starswhy would anyone see what green cbd gummies uk reviews happened among cbd gummies bradley cooper the stars that way Did you even discuss this matter seriously If according to what the priests say Between the stars, shouldn t that be the direction of the kingdom Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd of heaven Greene frowned subconsciously and looked down again in confusion.

There is nothing to discuss Miermina s tone became serious, and she looked down at Gawain and said, That land is dark to me, and I am afraid that I know nothing more than you.If you want to figure out what those mysterious Violet Mage are doing, you still have to find a way to infiltrate them.We ve yumi gummy cbd already tried this, but with little success Gawain shook his head regretfully.He shook his head, Of course, we will continue to work hard.At the same time, we will continue to try to establish a direct dialogue with the upper levels of Violet on official channels They have not yet responded to the invitation from the alliance, but at least they are working with Sisi.

A cbd gummies vs smoking stack of papers Who can tell me what the hell is written on it Graceful court music wafted through the hall, joyous music adorned how fast do cbd gummies start working the apparent joy, and Veronica Moen stood silently In an inconspicuous corner, his eyes swept across the crowd who walked through the hall, dancing, talking, and laughing, as if an expressionless audience were watching a drama that she had memorized.But when those conversations about returning home in front of Princess Rebecca came, the expressionless audience s mouth turned up a little.

Some kind of calling , forcibly pulling the book called Wilder from over there to our side, and then see if we can fuse him and Modir together Gawain couldn t help but read cbd gummies hawaii She glanced Your idea is less reliable than the first one.As long as we can pull Wilder from over there , we will definitely be able to establish a connection with Ms.Ye.And is cbd gummies legal in ct even if you can really put that real name The book called Wilder was pulled this way , how make gummies with cbd oil do you plan to integrate him and Modir Find a big vat to put them in and stir hard So this can only be done temporarily.

In do delta 8 gummies have cbd such a process, Victor finally felt cbd gummies international shipping a little sad although like most mages, he is only a shallow believer of the goddess of magic, but a shallow believer eagle hemp cbd gummies official website is still a cbd gummies vs tinctures believer after all.And now he finally had a sense of what had happened.Although it felt a little weird, he really realized the Goddess of Magic really Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd Anxiety wasn t coming back.During the funeral, in the hearts of every participant, the goddess left like a human being, and really can t come back.The dragoon squadron flew over the city at a low altitude, full spectrum cbd gummies benefits and a low humming sound came from cbd gummies asheville nc the sky, and after these aircraft carrying the relic holy Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd ash accelerated and flew in the direction of the White Water cbd vs thc gummies River, the broadcasts set up all over the city.

The big man made the red haired archbishop very conspicuous when he stood in the square.But this giant like figure was wearing a spellcaster s robe, which made Gawain subconsciously think that Wright, who was wearing a priest s robe, really is it legal to mail cbd gummies didn t look like a spellcaster.But the few sleepers standing on the square at the moment should be the images in the mind network they are using, and I don t know what this archbishop cbd gummies with tsh near me with a big name looks like in reality.Gawain s thoughts diverged for a while, and his eyes swept across the high leva cbd gummies 40 mg Hts Code United States Gummies Cbd level tools wearing owl masks behind the four archbishops.

We expected it can you take cbd gummies through tsa to be better at the beginning.The divine disaster on the Holy Spirit Plain did not happen in Typhon But the level of danger is not much worse Victoria said coldly, There is a key communication system in the Fatal loopholes, people from the middle to the top are mentally polluted, the emperor wana sour gummies cbd price s decrees are tampered with and intercepted, the front line commanders are completely blinded The performance of the Typhons is so regrettable, in my opinion, they and It s not too bad for a full fall.

The magic net terminal is cbd gummies 2020 humming, and the high precision projection crystal creates a clear holographic projection in the air.The heat exchange system in the laboratory is blowing warm and suitable wind, maintaining the comfortable environment in the room.However, looking at the weird cube presented in the holographic projection, Heidi still subconsciously felt that a chill was gathering nearby.This is something can you buy cbd gummies cbd rosin gummies sent by allies far away in the sea, a mysterious object that was accidentally salvaged from the deep blue netway by the sentries they sent to the elemental realm.

Cecil City, in the high end laboratory of the Institute of Magic Technology, a group of senior magicians, rune masters, and traditional mages and scholars borrowed from other places are gathered in front of an experimental table, staring at the display.The thing in the middle of the bench a heavy, unrecognizable book in a black cover.Gao Wen also stood in the laboratory, looking at the big black book with experts and scholars from various fields.On his left stood Rebecca and Jenny with wide eyed eyes, and on his right stood unable to read.

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