About SI-Matrix

SI-matrix inventory management and P.O.S system combines the use of desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and mobile devices to ensure smooth-running and management of inventory. Whether you are tracking inventory used to perform a service or goods sold to customers, using an inventory system provides staff accountability and minimizes inventory stock outs , shrinkage and theft. Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home, in the warehouse, or on the go. All you need to access this a device with internet connection.


Executive Dashboard and reports

The SIMatrix dashboard shows an overview and best seller charts, latest 5 (sales , quotes, purchases and transfers)


Add, edit , delete , view , print barcode stickers and labels, import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price. Also view with real-time online statistical report.


Add, edit, delete and view sales, payments (multiple add, delete and print), receive payment online, record delivery order for sales, gift cards(add, sell, edit, delete and prints), and return sales.


Add, edit, delete and view quotes, add sale or purchase from quotes, download as pdf and email quoutes.


Add, edit, delete and view purchases payments (multiple add, edit, delete and print) expenses (add , edit , delete and prints), and add purchase by csv file.


Transfer products in warehouses, add , edit, delete and view transfers with status and add by csv file.


Add staff users and related actions, customers and suppliers with the option of adding by importing csv file.


Staff, warehouse and customer notification.System settings are available to easily set settings as you need, option to manage logo, currencies, categories, variants, customer groups, tax rates, warehouses, email templates, group permission , back up and updates.

Benefits of SIMatrix

Improve accuracy

Eliminate data entry errors by using mobile barcode scanners to scan stock item barcode. An additional benefit of using a computerized inventory system is the accuracy it ensures. When an inventory list is maintained by hand, the margin of error widens with each update. If one mathematical calculation is wrong or one typo is made, disaster may occur.


Business operates most efficiently when its processes are executed in a consistent manner. By using a computerized inventory system, a business owner ensures that all orders, all reports and other documents relating to inventory are uniform in their presentation, regardless of who has created them. This will allow ease of reading. In addition, uniformity creates a professional appearance.

Save Time

The amount of time that can be saved by a business is probably the biggest benefit of using SI-Matrix. A great example of this benefit is the retail industry. In cases where a shop maintains all data manually, who ever is in charge must reconcile each sales receipt with every piece of physical inventory. Depending on the size of the establishment and how many different products are sold, this can be a daunting and time consuming task.

Improve Workflow

Using SI-matrix, Companies would spend less time on inventory control, and reduce understock and overstock and save. Share inventory data with colleagues and standardize inventory control tasks.SI-Matrix makes everything easy from inputting information to taking inventory. Doing a hand count of inventory can take days, but with a computerized inventory management system, the same process can be done in a matter of hours.

How it works

How it works

At its core, SI-Matrix works by tracking two main functions of your warehouse or stock room both incoming and outgoing. The goal of inventory control is to accurately know current inventory levels and automatically minimize understock and overstock situations. By tracking quantities across stocking locations effeciently using SI-Matrix organisations will have insight and be able to make smarter inventory decisions.

  •   Create purchase orders on SI-Matrix
  •   Receive, relocate, adjust, & dispose inventory
  •   Print barcode labels
  •   Print invoice
  •   Create sales orders
  •   Pick, pack and ship
  •   Physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  •   Create, run, schedule and share reports
  •   Whoever is in charge gets e-mail notifications on new stock
  •    alert,goods to be restocked etc
  •   It is hosted in the cloud so it is secure and can be accessed
  •    anytime, anywhere and on any device

Free Trial

Want to have an idea of what it feels like to use SI-Matrix , Try it for free Now.




Paid every month/location

$600 per year if paid monthly

Discount: None
Users: Unlimited
Warehouse: Unlimited
Orders: Unlimited



Paid every year/location

$540 per year if paid yearly

Discount: 10%
Users: Unlimited
Warehouse: Unlimited
Orders: Unlimited



Paid every two years/location

$510 if paid every two years

Discount: 15%
Users: Unlimited
Warehouse: Unlimited
Orders: Unlimited

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