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For a lot of small and midsize businesses, it isn’t practical if the cloud is an “all or none” proposition. They need the flexibility to run some applications on-premises while moving others to the cloud when it makes sense.

This is why we recommend Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft is the only vendor that offers a consistent technology platform whether you are running servers on-site, virtualizing your workloads, or moving them to the cloud. Microsoft offers the same familiar tools to make this “hybrid” IT approach easy and seamless.

So, whether you are testing the cloud for the first time, or going “all-in”, Microsoft has the platform and tools to help you every step of the way.

Did you also know that Microsoft offers a unique level of flexibility to SMBs on how and where to host their applications, whether on servers or in the cloud?

You can host apps on Microsoft Azure’s fully managed cloud infrastructure. This offers the benefits of fast deployment and no capital expense for server hardware. With Azure, you pay only for resources you use.

From there, you can scale applications up or down as needed to meet changing demand.

Once applications are hosted in the cloud, it is easy to enable remote and mobile access for your employees, so the right people can get to the applications they need from anywhere.

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Do you know that the leading businesses and organisations in this time of life are the ones stretching their boundaries with data analytics? With time, these organisations have developed the ability to interact personally, directly and in real time with consumers and business partners through cloud infrastructure and data analytics and this have helped them create the fabric connecting customers, services and devices.

Through data analytics, organisation can now leverage on qualitative and quantitative data acquired over time together with techniques and processes to enhance productivity, business gain and make accurate business decision.

Apparently, this is changing the usage and the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society which means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in the business and economy space.

At SNAPNET Nigeria, our focus is the provision of Business and Information Technology solutions to drive the operations of organizations for growth and effectiveness. We are No. 1 Data Analytics company in Nigeria with several years of experience and knowledgeable/certified staff. We have assisted our various clients improve organizational performance by combining the innovative use of technology with extensive business process experience in a range of industries to deliver solutions that help our clients achieve rapid and sustainable business advantage using accumulated organisational data lying waste in their servers.

We’re driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, more agile and more innovative businesses. We enable local and global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

Speak to any of our consultant today so that we can help you drive your organizational growth through the power of data analytics.

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In the past, one of the most frequent questions asked by career professionals is how can the development of information technology benefit the future world of business? Apparently, no one is asking the question again. Have you ever wondered why?

Below are some of the things top organisations are doing in this era of digital disruption or better put, era of digital revolution to stay on top of their game.

1. Top organisations are now moving to the cloud.

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. In 2009, according to Wikipedia, the availability of high-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices as well as the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and autonomic and utility computing led to a growth in cloud computing. Companies can scale up as computing needs increase and then scale down again as demands decrease. Amazingly, some cloud vendors are experiencing growth rates of 50% per year. Also, this gives organisation the ability to recover from disasters very quickly. In fact, it’s even possible for a company that had its physical store completely destroyed to continue functioning.Microsoft Azure trusted partner is Snapnet Nigeria for cloud infrastructure solutions.

2. Top organisations are now using Human Capital Management Solution.

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of your organization or business sector. It has been discovered that managing these assets and maximizing their potentials while creating business value can be a daunting task especially for HR specialists. Hence, to help improve business operations and maximize profit margins, organisations are now leveraging and deploying HR Software to their company’s portal. For Nigerian organisations, HCMatrix is the foremost human capital software (www.hcmatrix.com)

Snapnet Nigeria is a foremost Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider helping business owners, career professionals position their organisation for sustainable growth through the power of technology.

Speak to any of our consultant for an information gathering session with your organisation so that we can review your organisation’s pain point and see if there is a fit for our business solutions.

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Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of your organization or business sector

Managing these assets and maximizing their potentials while creating business value can be a daunting task especially for HR specialists.

Hence, to help improve your business operations and maximize your profit margins, we recommend deploying HCMatrix to your company’s portal.

Combined with HCMatrix is Microsoft’s powerful Business Intelligence Suite to help bring out the best reports that your organization need at any moment in time.

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